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Rappers get official recognition to be part of Iran’s music industry

Things look up for rappers in Iran after in an unprecedented move the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance granted a permit to a rap album for the first time.

Iranians listen to music with all their hearts: German musician

I have found it easy to establish a bond with the Iranian culture and traditions; Iranians listen to music with all their hearts, said Lechner.

Tehran Symphony Orchestra back from hiatus

Tehran Symphonic Orchestra has nothing less than the world’s famous orchestras and with constant practice can live up to international standards, said Iranian maestro Ali Rahbari.

Iran, Italy sign cooperation MoU

Culture chiefs from Iran and Italy sign a deal to promote bilateral cooperation in a variety of fields including archeology, music, translation and the movie industry.

Minister defends “music” policy while observing religious criteria

To maintain the vitality and dynamism of Iranian music, everyone should make a contribution, said Jannati at the closing of the 30th International Fajr Music Festival.

European concerns over Iran are groundless

What is presented in Europe about the Middle East, including Iran, is not based on reality, said the Dutch musician.

The 30th Fajr International Music Festival in Milad Tower (Photos)

The 30th Fajr International Music Festival is underway in Tehran with Iranian and foreign groups performing in different halls across the capital.

Iranian Kamancheh player to perform with Estonian string orchestra

The Estonian string orchestra conducted by Sigrid Kuulmann will perform a few pieces with Iranian Kamancheh player Hamid Reza Afarideh at Fajr Music Festival.

A newly released album, a prelude to female solo songs in Iran

Javan, a principlist daily, criticizes the release of a female-male duet as a prelude to solo female singing.

Yanni weighs in on his probable visit to Iran

I love to stage a concert in Iran and get first-hand knowledge about its culture and people, said the internationally-known composer.

Iran’s foreign relations are developing: Minister

Jannati expressed readiness for expansion of bilateral relations between Tehran and Lisbon in different fields and for exploiting the two countries' cultural potential.

Soul of late maestro Jalil Shahnaz is happy with performance of young musicians

Many of the performances of the festival have drawn admiration from experts, creating fresh hopes that a promising future is awaiting Persian classical music.

Acclaimed Shahrdad Rouhani to conduct orchestra in Tehran

The concert will be held on January 22 and 23 in cooperation with prominent musicians from Tehran Symphony Orchestra.

An interview with Shahram Nazeri about Mawlana and Iranian society

Artists should make the most of the trust that people have placed in them, said Shahram Nazeri.

After a 2-month hiatus music events are staged in Iranian concert halls

With an agreement between police and Iran’s Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, musical events are unlikely to be canceled due to a lack of coordination.

France to release Ali Reza Qorbani’s album

Lost in Love, a new album by Iranian vocalist Ali Reza Qorbani, which has been recorded by the French company Accords Croisés, is slated to be released in Paris.

A small music band bent on bringing down the West-East barriers

Sharq, an Iranian daily, brings into focus street music, once a taboo topic, and looks carefully into what is waiting for musicians out there on the streets.

Iranian programmers develop an app to help tune Iranian instruments

Iranian programmers have developed a tuning application – Kook Yar – for six musical instruments.

Why a top Iranian musician turned down prestigious French award, fellow musician answers

Mohammad-Reza Shajarian comments on why Hossein Alizadeh refused to receive France’s Chevalier of Legion of Honor.

Iran Tar virtuoso Keyvan Saket to perform in Canada

Keyvan Saket, a remarkable Iranian musician, is to stage a concert in Canada on December 1, 2014.

World-known Japanese composer Kitaro in Tehran

Leading Japanese composer Kitaro is in Tehran to hold a concert in mid-October.

Shahnaz music ensemble to go on stage in Germany

Iranian music group Shahnaz ensemble, led by traditional vocalist Mohammad Reza Shajarian, is to give concert in Germany.

Most famous Iranian folkloric ensemble to stage charity concerts

The Kamkars, a very famous Iranian ensemble, are to stage charity concerts in Iran and Europe.

Black Sun wishes the world an ocean of peace and a mountain of wealth

Members of Iranian Black Sun band explain what prompted them to sing anti-war songs.

A closer look at Iran’s National Orchestra

A closer look at Iran’s National Orchestra through the eyes of a renowned composer.

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