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US says senior al Qaeda leader killed in Syria

The United States has announced a senior al Qaeda leader was killed in an air raid in the Syrian province of Raqqa. Washington claims its military operations against al Qaeda in Syria have increased in the recent months. Damascus wants all US troops out of Syria.

Poll shows just 37% approve Biden performance

A new survey shows only 37 percent of Americans approve of the job US President Joe Biden is doing, alongside a significant drop in support among independent voters.

EU halts free trade talks with Australia again

The European Union (EU) has postponed its trade negotiations with Australia for the second time a month. The decision follows anger over Canberra's decision to cancel submarine contract with France.

Several killed in attack on Rohingya camp in Bangladesh

At least seven people were killed in an attack on an Islamic seminary in a Rohingya refugee camp on the Bangladesh-Myanmar border, according to the Bangladeshi police.

Survey: Britons wrestling with bills payment

More Britons say it difficult to pay their bills as the impact of rising inflation on the public has deepened, according to a new poll. It also showed an increasing number of people are concerned about not being able to heat their homes in winter.

Yemen denounces UN ceasefire call as pro-Riyadh

Yemen has blasted the United Nations (UN) Security Council’s statement over urgent ceasefire across the war-ravaged country, calling it pro-Riyadh. Sanaa has stressed the UNSC continues to condemn the legitimate right of Yemeni civilians to defend themselves and ignore the war crimes committed by Saudi-led coalition.

Uzbekistan opposes US military deployment in the country

Uzbekistan’s foreign minister says there is no need to deploy the US military in the central Asian country. A report had suggested the administration of US President Joe Biden is in talks with Tashkent on the possibility of using Russian bases in Central Asia to conduct what it calls counterterrorist missions in Afghanistan.

US hits second largest deficit in history

The US Treasury Department has reported that the federal deficit reached $2.8 trillion in 2021 fiscal year. It’s the second largest deficit in the US history.

Haitian gangs threaten to murder kidnapped US missionaries

The leader of the Haitian gangs who have kidnapped several Christian missionaries has threatened to kill the Americans if their demands are not met. The gangs have demanded $17 million to release the hostages.

Russia: NATO sliding into “Cold War schemes”

Russia has warned The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is increasingly resorting to Cold War schemes. Moscow has also ruled out the establishment of normal diplomatic relations with NATO.