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Iran’s Beauties in Photos: Highlands of Mazichal14

Iran’s Beauties in Photos: Highlands of Mazichal

Mazichal is a beautiful village near the city of Kelardasht in northern Iranian province of Mazandaran.
Iran’s Beauties in Photos: Shourmast Lake 7

Iran’s Beauties in Photos: Shourmast Lake

Shourmast Lake is the only natural lake in Savadkuh County of Iran’s northern Mazandaran province, with an area of 15,000 square metres and a depth of 5 metres.
Mamarz Lake; Haunted Body of Water in Northern Iran2

Mamarz Lake; Haunted Body of Water in Northern Iran

Mamarz Lake in Iran’s Mazandaran province is widely known as the Ghosts Lake thanks to its horribly calm appearance.

Iran’s Beauties in Photos: Churat Lake

Lake Miansheh, commonly known as Churat Lake due to its proximity to the village of Churat in Mazandaran province, is among the most beautiful tourist destinations in northern Iran.
Nowruz Khani Tradition (1)

‘Nowruz Khani’, Tradition to Show Gratitude towards Spring’s Arrival

Every year, a couple of weeks before the arrival of spring, traditional singers known as Nowruz Khans herald the arrival of spring in the villages of northern Iran by singing and playing their instruments.
Rapeseed Fields in Northern Iran-04

Rapeseed Fields in Northern Iran

Rapeseed, a bright-yellow flowering plant, is considered the third-largest source of vegetable oil and one of the oldest ones in the world.
en-mazandaran (12)

Spring Cleaning in Northern Iran ahead of Nowruz

Based on an old tradition, Iranian people all over the country clean their houses before the beginning of spring, and the Persian New Year holidays known as Nowruz.

Damavand: El pico más alto de Oriente Medio y el volcán más alto en...

El pico Damavand, es un volcán inactivo, es el pico más alto en Irán y el Oriente Medio, así como el volcán más alto de Asia. Posee una posición especial en el folclor y...

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