Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Migrant swans land in Mazandaran wetlands

The first group of migrant swans has landed in the wetlands of the Northern Iranian Province of Mazandaran.


The wetlands of Sorkhrood in Mahmood Abad and Azbaran in Fereydoonkenar are hosing the migratory birds.  

IRIB quoted the head of Wildlife Supervision Office of Mazandaran’s Department General of Environmental Protection as saying each year, with the beginning of the cold season in the northern Caspian Sea and parts of Siberia, migrant swans begin flocking to the lower latitudes in the form of a small population in mid-November.

Kouros Rabiei said the arrival of migrant birds into the wetlands of Mazandaran Province depends on weather conditions. 

Rabiei added that the population of swans includes such species as the screamers (Faryadkesh) and the small ones (Kouchak) while most of the screamers land in the wetlands of Sarkhroodd in Mahmood Abad and Azbaran in Fereydoonkenar. 

He went on to say that most of the swans have entered the wetlands of the province since mid-December and with the gradual increase of temperature from the end of February, after three months of the winter, they will start migrating back to Siberia. 

Rabiei also said increased migration by birds and food shortages force the swans to move to other dams where they risk getting hunted.

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