Monday, April 15, 2024

Migratory Siberian Crane Returns to Iranian Refuge for Winter

The only survivor of a flock of Siberian cranes has migrated to Fereydunkenar and Sorkhrud wetlands in northern Iran to spend the winter there.


The rare bird had also spent the last cold season in the same refuge, but returned to Siberia in February 2021. Now, the crane has returned to the Iranian lagoons for the winter.

The crane called Omid (hope) used to flow all the way from Siberia to northern Iranian Mazandaran province over a distance of 5 thousand kilometers along with his mate, Arezoo (wish), every year.

After his mate died, Omid has kept coming to the Iranian wetlands for 14 years now. 

Siberian cranes migrate to these lagoons from their natural habitat in Siberia after flying across Russia, Kazakhstan and the Azerbaijan Republic before arriving in Iran.

They spend around four months in the two wetlands, which are a refuge for migratory birds.

Siberian cranes have a long lifetime, live in special habitats, reproduce only a few young and, more importantly, remain loyal to their mates. 

If they lose their mate, they will not mate again for their whole life. 

Given that the Siberian crane is regarded as an endangered species, the Department of the Environment of Mazandaran Province protects this rare bird with the assistance of natives and local communities.

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