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Zarif calls for fate of missing Hajj pilgrims to be determined

The Foreign Ministry and the family of Mr. Roknabadi are waiting for his return and we hope his fate is determined, Zarif said.
Amir Abdoulahian

Iran warns Saudi FM: Don’t test our patience

Instead of accusing others and shifting the blame [on them], the Saudi FM should assume his country’s responsibility in the Mina disaster, Amir-Abdollahian said.

Leader says US major part of regional problems, not solution

The Supreme Leader has said that Iran’s foreign policy is predicated upon long-term interests, principles and values of the country and will not change with administrations holding different political views.

What led to argument between Zarif and Al-Jubeir at the Vienna conference?

At one point, Dr. Zarif responded to those remarks nonchalantly, and, at another, he openly rejected each of Al-Jubeir's comments, Deputy Foreign Minister Amir Abdollahian said.

Why bridging the Iran-Saudi divide is vital for peace in Syria and the region

Rouhani has called for better ties with Saudi Arabia, but Saudi Arabia has rebuffed all of Iran's attempts at engagement, Mousavian said in an opinion piece.
EP President Schulz

EP President Schulz due in Iran next week

Schulz will arrive in Tehran on November 7 and hold talks with several high-ranking Iranian officials on his day-long visit.

Saudi Arabia committing unprecedented crimes in Yemen: Larijani

Yemen and the Yemeni people are very important to Iran and the country’s issues constitute a constant concern for the Islamic Republic, Larijani said.
Syria Talks Vienna

Vienna conference on Syria was recognition of Iran’s role: Arab analyst

Many observers view the exclusion of Iran from earlier talks on Syria – under pressure from Riyadh and with a US green-light – as illogical, Atwan said.
French difense minister

Former negotiator reacts to France’s nuclear charges

A former Iranian diplomat has said that Iran’s nuclear program is not diverted to non-peaceful uses, dismissing France’s charges that Iran threatens global security.

No one should dictate own decisions, views to Syrian people: Zarif

The future of Syria can only be determined by the people of Syria, Zarif said at international talks on Syria in Vienna.

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