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Khuzestan Province

Harvesting world-famous Iranian dates starts in Abadan

As the sizzling hot days of the summer in Iran are drawing to a close, farmers in the southern city of Abadan are preparing to harvest dates in tree farms. Below you can find some of the pictures of the harvesting which starts every year around mid-September.

Hoor-al-Azim’s gradual death dashes hopes of revival

Hoor al-Azim, Iran’s largest border wetland on the border with Iraq, is dying a gradual death, latest images by Iran’s Students News Agency (ISNA) show.

Grape harvest in Greater Gazavieh, Iran’s Kuzestan Province

The grape harvest has started in early June in the Greater Gazavieh village in Karoon city in Iran’s Khuzestan Province and farmers there are doing it at their vineyards.

Situation in Izeh calm despite rumors of unrest, following deadly incidents: Report

Reports coming out of Izeh indicate the situation is normal in the southwestern Iranian city, despite attempts by foreign media to portray the city as unsafe, after a ceremony to commemorate a young victim of the 2022 riots went ugly, IRNA reported.

Iran tourism: Behind the dam, an island

Shahid Abbaspour Dam, or Karoun 1 Dam, is one of Iran’s biggest, built on the Karoun River in Khouzestan Province in southwestern Iran.

Managing editor of Iranian daily shot dead in southern Iranian province

The managing editor of Iran’s Tose’e-Jonoub daily has been shot dead by an unidentified assailant in the southern province of Khuzestan.

Two major Chinese companies plan to invest in Iran’s Khuzestan: Envoy

Chinese Ambassador to Tehran Chang Hua says two major Chinese companies plan to invest in Khuzestan, in Iran’s oil-rich southwest.

Iran tourism: Izeh, city of ancient stone inscriptions, rock-carvings

The historical background of the city of Izeh, located in the southwestern Iranian province of Khuzestan, goes back to the Elamite period (3000 - 323 BC).

Ahvaz and Shoush bazaars on eve of Eid ul-Fitr

Arab Iranians of Khuzestan Province buy brand new clothes, sweets and dried nuts to celebrate Eid ul-Fitr marking the end of the holy month of Ramadan.

Iran tourism: Zaras village, Khuzestan Province

Zaras village is located near Dehdez, a city near Izeh, and is one of the tourist attractions of the southern Iranian province of Khuzestan.

Historical Hydraulic System in Iran’s ancient Shushtar

Located in Iran’s southwestern province of Khuzestan, the Shushtar Historical Hydraulic System is a wondrous complex irrigation system from the ancient Sassani era.

Ahvaz in fog amid air pollution in Iranian megacities

Thick fog has significantly reduced visibility in the cities of the southern Iranian province of Khouzestan, especially the capital Ahvaz.

IRGC: Iran’s security forces dealt blow to terror ring involved in Izeh bloodshed

Forces of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) deal a blow to a terrorist network involved in a bloody shooting attack in the southwestern city of Izeh in mid-November.

Official: Iran makes 61 arrests over terror attack in Izeh, Khuzestan Province

A local judicial official in southern Khuzestan Province says 61 people have been arrested in connection with a deadly terror attack that hit the city of Izeh recently.

Iran arrests three individuals in connection with Khuzestan deadly shooting

Iranian Vice-President Mohsen Rezaei said that the three major elements of the recent terrorist attack in the city of Izeh in Khuzestan Province have been detained. Security officials in the southwestern province say two gunmen on motorbikes started shooting at people and law enforcement officers in downtown city, killing and injuring several people.

7 killed as terrorists open fire at people in southern Iran

Unknown gunmen opened fire at people and law enforcement forces in the town of Izeh, in Iran’s southern province of Khuzestan on Wednesday night. At least 7 civilians, including a woman and a child, have been killed, according to the latest reports.

Iranian teacher goes to school every day on boat

An elementary school teacher every day goes to school on a boat to teach children of an underprivileged village in iran’s Khuzestan province.

Breeding chickens by the world’s rarest birds in Huweizeh Marches

An Iranian official says some ducklings, known as the rarest in the world, have been spotted inside and on the margins of the Huweizeh Marches in southwestern Iran.

Iranian judicial official says man beating woman in Dezfoul faces prosecution

An Iranian judicial official says a man who beat a woman in a street in the southern city of Dezfoul, Khuzestan Province, faces prosecution.

Gorgeous Iran: Chal Kandi Valley, Dezfoul

Chal Kandi Valley of Dez River is a spectacular area in Khuzestan province located between the north of Dezful and the east of Andimeshk cities in southern Iran.

5-magnitude quake rocks Iran’s Khuzestan province

A 5-magnitude earthquake has rocked Iran’s Khuzestan Province. That’s according to Tehran University’s Geophysics Institute.

Selasal Castle, Iran’s 10th cultural heritage site registered on UN list

Selasal Castle is a huge fortified building in Iran’s Khuzestan province dating back to the Sassanid era.

Iran cabinet gives confidence vote to Khuzestan chief

Sadegh Khalilian has been approved as the new governor-general of Iran's southwestern province of Khuzestan.

Raisi’s Unannounced Visit to Khuzestan under Media Spotlight

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi’s recent trip to the city of Ahvaz, the capital of southern Khuzestan province, has received mixed reactions from people and media outlets.

Raisi in Kuzestan vows to Address Ongoing Problems

New Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi says his administration will do whatever it takes to address the problems of people in southern Khuzestan province, who have faced water shortage recently, an issue further complicated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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