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The latest news and views about the anti-Iran sanctions

Baghari: Sanctions removal group to be launched Tuesday

Head of the Iranian delegation at the Vienna talks aimed at removing the anti-Iran sanctions Ali Bagheri has underlined Tehran’s determination to reach a just understanding that serves the legitimate interests of Iran. Bagheri was speaking at the opening session of the negotiations on Monday evening.

Pakistani president: Unilateral sanctions threaten regional security

Pakistan’s President Aref Alavi has said unilateral sanctions have serious ramifications for peace and security in the region

Iran: US must remove sanctions in one go

Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman has said Tehran’s stance on the US sanctions are clear and Washington must remove all of them in one go and give tangible assurances to the Islamic Republic.

Iran calls for removal of sanctions as goodwill gesture

Iran has called on the remaining signatories to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action and the United States to prove their goodwill by removing sanctions against Tehran.

Iran FM: Tehran seeks to lift sanctions in Vienna talks

The Iranian foreign minister says the active participation of Iran in the forthcoming nuclear talks is aimed at lifting illegal sanctions against the Islamic Republic.

Iran: US sanctions damaging global law and multilateralism

Iranian Minister of Oil announced unilateral Washington sanctions against Tehran will damage global law and multilateralism, targeting livelihood of people. Javad Owji made the remark while addressing the 23rd Ministerial Meeting of the Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF) which was held virtually on Tuesday.

Russia: US should revise sanction policy against Iran

Washington should effectively demonstrate its intention to revise anti-Tehran sanctions policy to revive the Iran nuclear deal, a Russian top diplomat says.

Iran: Unilateral sanctions block sustainable development

Iran's ambassador to the United Nations (UN) says unilateral sanctions have prevented affected countries from accessing the financial and development resources needed to achieve the goals of sustainable development.

NAM calls for unilateral sanctions lifted

Speaking on behalf of the Non-Aligned Movement, ambassador and deputy permanent representative of Iran to the United Nations (UN) has stated that this movement wants the nations that have imposed unilateral sanctions against the other countries to end the sanctions immediately.

Russia slams new US sanctions on Iran

Russia’s chief negotiator Mikhail Ulyanov has criticized the latest US sanctions against Iran, saying they will only further complicate the Vienna talks aimed at reviving the Iran nuclear deal.