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The latest news and views about and statements by the Iranian Foreign Ministry

Foreign Ministry

Iranian Nationals Warned against Travelling to US

The Islamic Republic’s Foreign Ministry has called on all Iranian nationals, especially elites and scientists, to refrain from travelling to the US even to attend scientific conferences and despite being invited.

Iran Summons Norwegian Envoy over Quran Desecration

Following the burning of the Holy Quran by the leader of the SIAN or Stop Islamization of Norway, the Norwegian chargé d'affaires has been summoned to the Iranian Foreign Ministry in the absence of the country's ambassador.
Foreign Ministry

Iran Summons Swiss Envoy over US Support for Rioters

Iran's Foreign Ministry has summoned the Swiss ambassador, whose country represents the US interests in Iran, to protest Washington’s interference in the Islamic Republic’s internal affairs.

‘Diplomatic Ladies’ Hold Food, Handicrafts Festival in Tehran

A festival of food and handicrafts was held in Tehran on Thursday by the Diplomatic Spouses' Association of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Foreign Ministry Urges Iranians to Delay Trips to Iraq amid Violence

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran has called on Iranians not to travel to Iraq until further notice.

Iran Says Pullout of US Troops from Syria ‘Long Overdue’

Iran’s Foreign Ministry has hailed the United States’ decision to withdraw its forces from Syria, saying the decision must have been taken much earlier.
Iran Foreign Ministry

Iran Strongly Condemns E3’s ‘Provocative’ Statement

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran has strongly condemned the irresponsible claim of the leaders of Britain, France, and Germany regarding the attack of the armed forces of the Yemeni government against Saudi facilities.
Foreign Ministry

Iran Summons UAE Envoy over US Drone’s Intrusion

The Iranian Foreign Ministry has summoned the chargé d'affaires of the United Arab Emirates to express Tehran's strong protest at the incursion of a US spy drone into the Iranian airspace, which had taken off from a US base in the UAE.
Foreign Ministry

Israel Real Threat to Global Peace, Security: Iran

Iran’s foreign ministry has described the Israeli regime as the real threat to the world and region’s peace and security, calling on the international community to take action to end Tel Aviv’s occupation of Palestinian territories.

Foreign Ministry Holds Ceremony to Introduce New Directors

A ceremony has been held in Tehran to introduce new directors and officials of the Iranian Foreign Ministry.

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