Monday, June 24, 2024

Former MP: Iran’s foreign policy plagued by taboos

A former Iranian MP says Iran’s foreign policy is plagued by various taboos, including refusal to negotiate with the US and claiming cultural guidance of the whole world.

Heshmatollah Falahatpisheh told Entekhab news outlet that to counter the “impasse” in our foreign policy, “we need to have a realistic approach.”

According to Falahatpisheh, the foreign policy mechanism calls for returning to the 20-year vision document. He added that the document requires the government make Iran a regional power in different aspects by 2025 but this is conditional on constructive interaction with the world.

Falahatpisheh said those who compiled this document modeled constructive interaction with the world on the policy of China in the 60s.

The former head of the National Security and Foreign Policy Commission of the Parliament stressed that over the past two decades, not only this requirement has not been fulfilled, but also in many cases, the opposite has been done.

He added that some institutions abroad portray themselves as being responsible for converting people to Islam in the world, and now some others believe that the hijab should be promoted in the US and Europe while they have failed in resolving basic problems inside Iran.

According to Falahatpisheh, in the past Iran’s JCPOA interests fell victim to Russia’s policies in Ukraine and now the European Union is taking a stand against the negotiations and understanding between Iran and the US.

He called for direct talks between Iran and the US as a way out.

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