Saturday, April 13, 2024

Ex-Iranian envoy blames Foreign Ministry for deteriorating ties with Europe

A former Iranian ambassador to Germany criticizes the incumbent Foreign Ministry officials for what he describes as their “weak performance” that is undermining long-running relations with the European Union.

Speaking to Etemad Online, Ali Majedi said the Iranian Foreign Ministry “missed opportunities,” during the Vienna negotiations, for a revival of the 2015 nuclear deal, and that it failed to help the conclusion of the diplomatic process when a final agreement was at hand in the summer.

He blamed the Iranian diplomatic apparatus for the current situation of the nuclear deal, which the Europeans viewed as an “important achievement.”

Iran has voiced readiness for a quick revival of the nuclear deal, blaming the other parties to the nuclear talks, namely the US and its European allies, for the months-long stalemate in the negotiations.

Elsewhere, Majedi slammed Iran’s “inappropriate” position on the Russian war against Ukraine, saying Tehran failed to keep neutrality in the face of a military conflict that has done harm to Europe.

He criticized what he called Tehran’s “support” for the Russian offensive, something that the ex-diplomat said pitted Europe against Iran.

“Iran should declare neutrality in the Ukraine war both officially and practically,” Majedi said.

He was referring to the Western claims of Iran’s sales of drones to Russia for use in the war. Tehran has repeatedly rejected the allegations and called for dialog between the conflicting parties.

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