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The latest news and reports of accidents and natural disasters

Iran’s Navy foils pirate attack on oil tanker in Gulf of...

An Iranian warship has repelled an attack by pirates on an oil tanker belonging to the Islamic Republic of Iran in the Gulf of Aden.

Fire kills 46, injures dozens in Taiwan

At least 46 people have lost their lives and dozens more have been injured in a fire that broke out in a residential building in the southern Taiwanese city of Kaohsiung.

Video of Iranian boat sinking in Persian Gulf

A video had emerged showing a boat sinking in the southeastern Iranian coast of the Persian Gulf with goods on board worth approximately 17 billion tomans (680,000 USD).

Cyclone Shahin causes heavy material damage in southern Iran

An Iranian authority has said Cyclone Shahin which recently hit southern Iran and other countries in the Persian Gulf caused heavy material damage.

17K US police-involved deaths unaccounted

A data review of nearly four decades in the US shows thousands of fatal U.S. police encounters have been misclassified or unreported, a new study reveals.

Beirut blast investigation halted for second time

A probe into the deadly explosion at Beirut port, two years ago, has been suspended for a second time after a former senior official asked for dismissing of the chief investigator from the controversial case.

Iranians Bid Farewell to Ali Landi, the National Hero

A 15-year-old Iranian boy who sacrificed his life to save the lives of two of his compatriots has turned into a national hero as his heart-wrenching death has resonated with most Iranians nationwide.

Iranian Good Samaritan dies of severe burns

An Iranian teen who recently rushed to rescue two women trapped in a fire in a city in southern Iran, has died of his burns at hospital.

Wildfire burning Iran’s Kouh-e-Nour forests

A huge wildfire is burning forests of Kouh-e Nour in the suburbs of the Iranian city of Kohgiluyeh.

Witness in Netanyahu’s corruption trial killed in plane crash

A witness in former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s corruption case died in a plane crash in Greece. Greek authorities have opened an investigation into the incident which also saw the death of Haim Geron’s wife.