Iran Capable of Producing 40 Ventilators a Day: VP

Ten Countries after Importing Iran-Made Anti-Corona Products

Iran’s Vice President for Science and Technology says the country is able to produce 40 advanced domestically-made ventilators every day to meet the needs amid the coronavirus epidemic.

Addressing a ceremony on Saturday Sorena Sattari said while many countries have problems in procuring ventilators, Iranian companies are capable of producing so many ventilators.

“We are pleased to have this active ecosystem in our knowledge-based companies where products with international standards can be produced,” noted Sattari.

A significant number of CT scan devices have been delivered to the Ministry of Health in the past two months, while the ICU room and recovery room equipment are also made in the country, underlined Iranian VP.

He added that 98% of the drugs are produced domestically, saying “We have no restrictions in production, and there has been no talks about imports in large quantities, because the Iranian companies can produce every new drug that is effective in treating the COVID-19 within almost 10 days.”

Noting that the Islamic Republic is famous in the field of biotechnology, the Vice President for Science and Technology said, “We have the largest biotechnology companies in the region, and we are unrivaled in the Middle East. We produce 24 biotech drugs while there is no biotech drug in Turkey.”

Referring to the production of more than 100,000 coronavirus diagnostic kits per week in the country, he stated three types of kits have been mass-produced, one is the coronavirus diagnostic kit and the others are kits that determine who has been infected before.

“Good things have happened in areas such as medical equipment and artificial intelligence, and we hope all of this will be a prelude to believing that we have an ecosystem active in the field of biotech to deal with such crises quickly,” highlighted Sattari.

He concluded that Iranian companies can detect, design and mass-produce these equipment when faced with a new phenomenon. This is something the Islamic Republic needs in all industries.

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  1. Your workforce is obviously skilled,dedicated, productive and with a sense of pride in their contribution to the national wellbeing. This is a good place to be in.Please do not go to war as this will result in the degradation of this national wellbeing.It just is not worth it!


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