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Sorena Sattari is an Iranian scientist, inventor and vice president for science and technology under president Hassan Rouhani.

Iran to increase support for elite Afghan students

Iran’s Vice President for Science and Technology Sorena Sattari says Tehran will step up its support for Afghan top students coming to the country.

Iran to Export Surgeon Robots to Indonesia

Iran has, in a virtual ceremony, signed with Indonesia a contract to export the domestically-made Sina surgeon robot to the Southeast Asian country and establish two advanced tele-robotic surgery skills centres there.

Iran Opens First Specialized Centre for Innovation in Nuclear Industry

Iran has inaugurated Rasa Innovation and Technology Centre, the country’s first specialized innovation centre for nuclear industry, which aims at commercializing the achievements of Iranian nuclear scientists.

Number of Iran’s Knowledge-based Companies Hits 7,000: Sattari

Iran’s Vice President for Science and Technology says the number of the country’s knowledge-based companies has reached 7,000 and they have been able to create a very positive change in various fields of production.

Over 2,400 Expatriate Elites Working with Iranian Companies, Universities: VP

Iran’s Vice Presidency for Science and Technology has signed a cooperation agreement with the Leader’s Representative Office in Universities to establish associations of foreign nationals graduated in Iran.

Commercialising New Biotechnological Products Save Iran $400 Million: VP

Iran’s vice president for science and technology has hailed the unveiling of nine new knowledge-based Iranian-made products in the field of food security and vaccines, saying these products save the country significantly in terms of foreign currency spending.

Iran Unveils Key Achievements in Push toward Knowledge-Based Economy

Iran’s vice president for science and technology has underlined the importance of houses of creativity and a new approach to the knowledge-based economy, with a focus on the potential of creative companies and cultural industries.

Iran Opens Innovation Centre to Boost Home Appliances Production

An innovation and creativity centre, part of which is dedicated to the production of innovative home appliances, has opened in the central Iranian province of Isfahan.

INOTEX 2021 Technology Expo Opens in Tehran

Iran is hosting the tenth edition of the International Innovation and Technology Exhibition (INOTEX 2021), which brings together high-tech companies, knowledge-based firms, startups and investors to showcase their products and services.

‘Major Part of Equipment for Iran Tube System Produced Domestically’

A senior Iranian official says knowledge-based companies have been able to meet a major part of the equipment needed in the country’s transportation sector, especially for the underground system.