Wednesday, December 7, 2022

INOTEX 2021 Technology Expo Opens in Tehran

Iran is hosting the tenth edition of the International Innovation and Technology Exhibition (INOTEX 2021), which brings together high-tech companies, knowledge-based firms, startups and investors to showcase their products and services.

INOTEX is Iran’s biggest innovation and technology event held annually to introduce the latest technological achievements and create an opportunity for companies and technological bodies to share their experiences and bring viable ideas to the market.
The INOTEX 2021 is being held at Paris Science and Technology Park in eastern Tehran.
“More than Rls. 100 trillion has been invested in the Pardis Innovation Zone, which indicates the significance of [role of] technology in the country’s economic development,” said Sorena Sattari, the Iranian vice president for science and technology.
“Amid the coronavirus outbreak, knowledge-based and creative companies proved their capabilities to the nation and managed to meet the country’s most important needs in the domain of health,” he said.

The top official added knowledge-based companies have secured major accomplishments when it comes to developing vaccines for COVID-19.

“Soon well will hear good news in this area,” he said.

He underlined investment by major firms in the Pardis Innovation Zone will lead to sustainable development, and, accordingly, the gross national product (GNP) will rise dramatically.

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