Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Iran, Syria Discuss Closer Sci-Tech Cooperation in Damascus

Iranian Vice President for Science and Technology Sorena Sattari, who is in Damascus at the head of a sci-tech delegation, has sat down with Syrian Minister of Higher Education Bassam Ibrahim.

In the Tuesday meeting, the two sides stressed the need to forge closer scientific and technological cooperation between Tehran and Damascus.

Sattari touched upon developments in the domain of Iran’s technology and innovation ecosystem, adding that innovations presented by millions of students currently studying at Iranian universities should be utilized.

“Many players have a part in this ecosystem (the technology and innovation ecosystem), including innovative and knowledge-based companies, sci-tech parks, innovation centres, accelerators and risk-prone funds,” he added.

“In this ecosystem, ideas and innovations are turned into products,” he explained, adding that these are technological products which meet people’s needs.

“This ecosystem took shape 7 years ago and has grown stronger over these years, so much so that there are currently hundreds of innovation centres, more than 50 sci-tech parks, around 10,000 start-ups and over 50,000 knowledge-based companies,” Sattari noted.

He said the biggest start-ups in the region in the domains of nanotechnology, biotechnology, information technology and aerospace belong to Iran.

The Iranian vice-president noted that it is important for these firms to sell their products as the revenues will significantly contribute to the growth of economies.

“Sales by these companies have reached $12 billion, so far,” he said.
Sattari further highlighted that Iran has made considerable progress in the nanotechnology sector as well.

The Syrian minister, in turn, touched upon the great potential for cooperation between the two countries, saying Iran and Syria should work together closely in scientific and technological areas.

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