Tuesday, May 30, 2023


Iran needs to keep its powder dry when it comes to regional events

Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani blamed the huge material loss the Yemenis suffer on the indifference of the international community to the Saudi-led airstrikes against the Arab country.

Obama’s anti-Iran remarks meant to foment tension in Mideast: Afkham

Afkham said Obama’s remarks are part of an Iranophobic plot aimed at fomenting regional crises and fueling division and hatred.

US, UK, Canada to blame for failure of NPT Review Conference: Iran official

The three countries are willing to shoulder the high cost of their opposition to the document only to safeguard the interests of Israel, said Baeidinejad.

Iran to dispatch 2nd aid ship to Yemen

Iran is going to send a second large consignment of humanitarian supplies for the people of Yemen on board a cargo ship.

Iran condemns terror attack on Saudi worshippers

Iran’s Foreign Ministry has condemned a terrorist attack in Saudi Arabia which left dozens of worshippers killed and wounded, saying those behind the terrorist act should be brought to justice.

Iran ship with humanitarian aid for Yemen docks in Djibouti

Iran’s ship, carrying 2,500 tons of basic supplies for the war-hit Yemenis as well as international journalists, doctors, and anti-war activists, has arrived in Djibouti.

Amos meets with Zarif over Saudi war on Yemen

Iran says its ship carrying aid for the war-ravaged Yemenis has been dispatched under "full coordination with the UN" and would head for nearby Djibouti.

Iran UN envoy protests outrageous remarks by Zionist regime’s minister

Iran’s UN envoy has condemned outrageous remarks of the Zionist regime’s war minister, saying they implicitly indicate that Israel possesses nuclear arms.

Pakistan will not provide Saudi with nukes: Former army official

Lieutenant General Talat Masood said that the objective of these reports is to malign Pakistan.

Iran, Germany to sign agreement on forestry cooperation

Iran and Germany are planning to sign an agreement to boost cooperation between the two countries in the field of forests and forestry.

Iran expresses concern about Egypt’s death sentences

The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said the verdicts which encourage violent measures and a policy of elimination could harm Egypt’s image and credibility.

Hegemonic powers wage proxy wars to achieve goals: Iran

Iran’s defense minister has dismissed the global hegemonic powers' advocacy of human rights, freedom and welfare of nations as "empty and flimsy slogans,"

Iran, Arabs, Israel; a geopolitical parody

In an opinion piece, Sharq daily looks at the Camp David Summit and what dissatisfied Arabs managed to gain in the US presidential retreat.

Taliban delegation in Iran for talks

Led by Tayyeb Aqa, head of the Taliban bureau in Qatar, the delegation met with Iranian security officials and discussed regional issues.

Velayati, Nasrallah discuss issues of mutual interest

The meeting was focused on issues related to the World of Islam, Lebanon and extremism.

Assad praises Iran’s pivotal role in defeating terrorists in Syria

Dreams of some states for controlling the region, creating strife and even disintegrating certain countries will never come true, said Velayati in a meeting with the Syrian president.

Iran, Iraq defense ministers vow to broaden defense cooperation

Tehran is determined to broaden relations with the Iraqi government in various defensive and security fields, said the Iranian defense minister in a meeting with his Iraqi counterpart.

Muslims must fully counter Zionist enemy: Iran official

All Muslims should fully tap into their potential and draw up a strategic and overarching plan in a bid to liberate the Al-Aqsa Mosque, said Velayati.

Iran urges UN to create safe zone in Yemen

Iran's foreign minister has called on the UN to create a safe zone in Yemen to allow the delivery of humanitarian supplies to the poor country.

Kabul and Tehran can serve as driving force behind regional convergence

In an interview with an Iranian daily, the former Afghan foreign minister has weighed in on Tehran-Kabul relations in the past and at present.

Syrian Opposition has to accept Iran in Geneva-3

The international community has digested the fact that regional problems cannot be solved in Iran’s absence, says a former ambassador.

Iran’s aid ship to arrive in Yemeni port on May 21

The vessel has been loaded with 700 tons of flour, 1,200 tons of rice, 400 tons of canned food, 50 tons of medication and health products, and 50 tons of mineral water.

Nasrallah Lashes Out at US, Israel for Creating Takfiri Terrorism

America is using Takfiri terrorists to weaken the Muslim community and tear it apart and to seize control of its capabilities, Nasrallah added.

No Saudi permission needed for Yemen aid delivery: Iran official

Iran has said that Saudi Arabia cannot decide for the UN and the countries helping Yemen.

Little expected to come out of Camp David

Alef, an Iranian news website, examines the Camp David Summit and what will come out of it, both for the host and the guests.

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