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Intelligence forces foil plot to set up terrorist groups in Iran

A person named ‘Abu Hafs’ entered Iran some time ago to create terrorist groups inside the country, the intelligence minister said.

IS doesn’t dare get close to Iranian borders: Top General

Firouzabadi reiterated that Tehran is fully determined to smash IS terrorists if they advance to around 40 kilometers of Iranian borders.

Defense Minister: ISIL too weak to threaten Iranian border

Iran’s defense minister has said that ISIL lacks the capability and capacity to pose any threat to the Iranian borders, and we do not deem it a threat.

Intelligence ministry foils counterrevolutionary attacks across Iran

A bombing plot in Mashhad, a poisoning plot in Tehran and a bombing plot in Qom are some of the conspiracies foiled by the Intelligence Ministry.

Thank you, General

An Iranian MP thanks police for their swift action against a few of their own for mistreating a Christian compatriot.

IRGC Testing Military Boats with 110 Knots Speed: Commander

Local experts can now design and test military boats with speeds of up to 120 knots in a naval research laboratory with a test basin.

Iran foils US cyber-attack on oil ministry

The website of Cyber Police quoted General Kamal Hadianfar as saying that the hackers launched their attack during holidays in Iran.

Tehran-Moscow talks on S-300 successful: Iran official

Negotiations on the delivery of S-300 missile system to Iran has been successful, said Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister for Arab and African Affairs Hossein Amir-Abdollahian.

Iran’s reaction to aggression not to be limited to borders: Former guard commander

Rezaei also lashed out at the US and Israel for triggering unrest in Muslim countries over the past 70 years, warning that they want insecurity to spill into Iran.

Confronting Daesh is akin to serving national interests: General Soleimani

The commander of the IRGC’s Quds Force has said that taking on ISIL is equal to securing national interests.

Leader: Iran not to allow inspection of its military centers

The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution has said that Iran will not allow foreigners to inspect its military sites.

Iran to further expand naval presence in high seas: Navy commander

Iran has some operational plans for broader presence in international waters, said Navy Commander Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari.

Hegemonic powers wage proxy wars to achieve goals: Iran

Iran’s defense minister has dismissed the global hegemonic powers' advocacy of human rights, freedom and welfare of nations as "empty and flimsy slogans,"

Iran, Iraq defense ministers vow to broaden defense cooperation

Tehran is determined to broaden relations with the Iraqi government in various defensive and security fields, said the Iranian defense minister in a meeting with his Iraqi counterpart.

Police seize over 1.6 ton of narcotics in southern province

Over 1.4 tons of opium and 200 kilograms of hashish was seized from the drug traffickers in Hormozgan Province, said Brigadier General Mohammadi Yeganeh.

Illusion of ‘Shia crescent’ is a failed scenario: IRGC

The Islamic Revolution Guard Corps denies comments attributed to its top commander that a Shia crescent is being formed in the region.

Iran closely monitoring Takfiri movements: Intelligence minister

Many plots have been foiled in the country thanks to the round-the-clock efforts of the Intelligence Ministry, said Alavi.

No place for adventurism in region: Iran’s deputy FM

The era of such adventurous moves has ended, and all sides should think about the region’s security and playing a constructive role, said Amir Abdollahian.

Aggression on Syria has roots in resistance to Israeli occupation

Speaker Ali Larijani has said that the Syrian people and officials have shown brave resistance to domestic and foreign terrorists over the past four years.

Takfiris fighting proxy war for US, Israel: Iran defense minster

Syrian people with their unparalleled resistance made bullies understand that they cannot force the region’s Muslim nations to surrender, said Brigadier General Dehghan.

Iranian firm’s complaint behind seizing foreign ship: Official

Iran has said that it has seized a US cargo ship following a lawsuit filed by a local company.

Supreme Leader stresses need for strong police

The Leader said the Law Enforcement Forces which are the symbol of country’s authority and security should focus on enhancing both individual and social security.

Iranian Navy has no plans to leave the Gulf of Aden: Commander

Commander of the Navy said Iran's naval presence in regional waters is aimed at ensuring safe navigation for commercial vessels.

Ansar al-Forqan political leader killed: intelligence source

An Intelligence Ministry official has said that Iran’s security forces have killed Abu Hafas al-Baloushi, the political leader of the terrorist group Ansar al-Forqan, in Sistan and Baluchistan Province.

Tehran police seize narcotics, arrest dealers (PHOTOS)

Pictures of a police operation in Tehran in which drugs smugglers are captured.

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