Neshat Jahandari Becomes Second Woman Airline Pilot of Iran

Neshat Jahandari has recently received her four stripes after her first independent flight, turning into the second woman airline pilot in Iran.
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Swedish Ex-Leader Disputes UK Capture of Iranian Oil Tanker

A former prime minister of Sweden has questioned the legality of seizure of an Iranian oil tanker by the UK, stressing that the non-EU states are not subject to the European sanctions.

Iran Weighing Plan to Collect Toll from Ships at Hormuz Strait

A senior member of the Iranian parliament has shared more details of a plan to collect tolls from foreign ships passing through the Strait of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf.

Airlines No Longer Avoid Iran’s Airspace despite US Warning

Iran’s top aviation official says that major international airlines have been returning to skies south of the country after a brief hiatus caused by an Iran-US military escalation in the region.

12 Air Taxis to Become Operational in Iran by March 2020

A dozen air taxis will become operational in the skies over Iran by March 2020, an official said, stressing that the initiative was arranged in coordination with the country’s Civil Aviation Organization.
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Saudi Arabia Demanding ‘Ransom’ to Let Iran Ship Go

Iran says Saudi Arabia is refusing to allow an Iranian oil tanker leave the port of Jeddah, demanding what it calls 'ransom money'.

No Drop in Number of Planes Flying over Iran Airspace

The number of planes flying over Iran’s airspace has not decreased despite growing tensions between Tehran and Washington over the past few months.

Russia Says Ties with Iran Source of Regional Stability

Russia’s Energy Minister Alexander Novak says further development of mutual ties between Iran and Russia will contribute to regional peace and stability.
Iranian Researchers Develop Highly Durable coloured Asphalt

Iranian Researchers Develop Highly Durable coloured Asphalt

A group of Iranian researchers have developed a special kind of asphalt which is much more durable than the conventional types.
Iran Files Complaint against Int’l Airports Refusing to Fuel Aircraft

Iran Files Complaint against Int’l Airports Refusing to Fuel Aircraft

Iran has filed an official complaint with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) against international airports that refuse to fuel Iranian aircraft.

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