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Iranian MP calls for reciprocal action against S Korea over frozen assets

A high-ranking Iranian MP says the Islamic Republic must take reciprocal action against South Korea’s move to freeze Iranian assets.

Beekeepers’ Union: Export of Iran Honey Halted

Iran’s National Union of Beekeepers says the decision by the Ministry of Agriculture Jihad, in the previous administration, to remove regulatory standards for production of honey led to a halt in the exports of the Iranian product.

Analyst: Negotiations a Must to End Sanctions

An Iranian international affairs analyst has called for a return to the talks for the revival of the nuclear deal, saying “whether we get our desired result or not, we should know that sanctions will not be removed without negotiations.”

Iranian president says exports must increase

Iranian President Ebrahim Raeisi has underlined the need to boost exports to neighboring countries.

South Pars CEO: investments in gas field close to $80bn.

The CEO of South Pars Gas Complex Company says investments made in South Pars are close to $80 billion. Hadi Hashemzadeh Farhang said all the investments, done amid US sanctions, have been turned into assets for the National Iranian Gas Company and the necessary resources have been provided for the proper maintenance of these facilities.

Kazak envoy: Iran SCO membership beneficial to body

Kazakhstan’s ambassador to Tehran has described Iran as a powerful economy, saying the Islamic Republic’s membership in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization will be helpful to body’s members and to their trade exchanges and cooperation.

Iran announces pilot activity of national cryptocurrency

The governor of Iran’s Central Bank has announced the pilot activity of the national cryptocurrency in the near future.

Iran MPS Urge Govt. Planning to Best Benefit from SCO Membership

A group of 160 Iranian lawmakers, in a letter, have called for government planning and active economic diplomacy to make the most out of the Islamic Republic’s membership in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

N Khorasan Exports Rise by 250 Percent in First Half of Year

The Organization of Industry, Mine and Trade in Iran’s Northern Khorasan Province says the provincial exports grew by more than 250 percent to 72.4 million dollars in the first half of the year, compared to the same period the previous year.

Iran’s land border with Turkmenistan reopens after 20 months

An Iranian customs spokesman said the land border outside Golestan province with Turkmenistan has been reopened after 20 months.