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Tehran Hosting Exhibition Showcasing Seven Decades of Iranian Paintings

An exhibition in Tehran has put on display 170 works including landscape paintings, videos and photos by seven generations of Iranian artists at Niavaran Cultural Centre.

Sahebqaraniyeh Palace; Recreation Centre of Iranian Kings

Sahebqaraniyeh Palace in northern Tehran is one of the most luxurious palaces of the Qajar dynasty which was built at the time of Nassereddin Shah Qajar.

3,000 Kids Create Iran’s Longest Painting in Tehran

Thousands of kids took part in a painting festival held in a park in Tehran, creating the country’s longest-ever painting.
Exhibition of Islamic-Iranian Stationery Underway in Tehran 5

Exhibition of Islamic-Iranian Stationery Underway in Tehran

While the new school year will open next week in Iran, the fifth edition of Tehran’s Islamic-Iranian Stationery Exhibition is being held in the Iranian capital of Tehran.
Iranian Sculpture Painting Museum 6

Iranian Sculpture, Painting Museum Reopened after over 15 Years

A contemporary sculpture and painting museum was reopened in Tehran on Tuesday (September 5) after over 15 years of being closed.
‘A Good Feeling’ Campaign, Different Way to Promote Hijab in Tehran

‘A Good Feeling’ Campaign, Different Way to Promote Hijab in Tehran

Women who have recently converted to Islam or those who decided to change their lifestyle have launched a campaign in Tehran to promote the culture of wearing hijab.

Shams-ol-Emareh; 150-Year-Old Palace in Heart of Tehran

The Shams-ol-Emareh (Edifice of the Sun) palace is one of the first high-rise buildings of old Tehran, dating back to 150 years ago.
Mohsen Hashemi Rafsanjani

Hashemi Rafsanjani Elected as Head of Tehran City Council

Mohsen Hashemi Rafsanjani, the eldest son of the late Iranian politician Ayatollah Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, was unanimously elected as the head of Tehran’s new City Council.
Mideast's First Robotic Restaurant Booming in Tehran

Mideast’s First Robotic Restaurant Booming in Tehran

RoboChef, the first interactive, robotic, and waiterless restaurant of the Middle East, has flipped the tables on how citizens of the Iranian capital eat out.
Mohammad-Ali Najafi

Reformist Najafi Elected as New Mayor of Tehran

Mohammad-Ali Najafi, a former education and science minister and a senior reformist politician, has been unanimously elected as the new Mayor of Tehran, replacing the incumbent conservative Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf.

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