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Grand Carpet Bazaar: Old Market in Heart of Tehran

Carpets are among the things that could be seen at every household in Iran. Also known as Persian rugs, they are made for a wide variety of purposes including home use, local sale, and export.

Tehran’s Milad Tower Hosts Stair Climbing Competition

The second international stair climbing competition (Tower running) was held at Tehran’s iconic Milad Tower on December 6, 2017.

Tehran Hosts Fourth Food Festival

The fourth Festival of Food and Colourful Dining Tables was held in the iconic Milad Tower in Tehran.

Iran’s Beauties in Photos: Kolakchal Mountain Peak

Kolakchal, one of the peaks of central Alborz Mountain chain in northern Tehran, has turned into one of the major destinations of mountain climbers and ordinary tourists.

International Auto Show Underway in Tehran

The second edition of Tehran Auto Show, an international exhibition of car and its related industries, is underway in the Iranian capital.

Iran, Singapore to Expand Ties in Investment, Tourism

Iran and Singapore have agreed to expand their ties in attracting further foreign investments and tourists.

Tehran Engulfed with High-Rise Buildings

In every corner of the Iranian capital, Tehran, citizens are faced with high-rise buildings within their sight. The more the urbanisation has increased, the more high-rise buildings have appeared in Tehran, particularly its northern districts.

Tehran Municipality to Clean Karbala, Najaf after Arba’een

The municipality of Tehran has taken the responsibility of cleaning the holy Iraqi cities of Karbala and Najaf after the Arba’een pilgrimage, the world’s largest public gathering.
Accident at Tehran Refinery Kills Several People

Fire at Tehran Refinery Kills Several People

At least six people died and several wounded in a fire accident at Tehran Refinery south of the Iranian capital.

Tehran Hosting Exhibition Showcasing Seven Decades of Iranian Paintings

An exhibition in Tehran has put on display 170 works including landscape paintings, videos and photos by seven generations of Iranian artists at Niavaran Cultural Centre.

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