[:ar][:en][:es]Defence and military news, including stories from neighbouring states and the troubled region which might be important for Iran. This section contains news on the armed forces, the IRGC, intelligence services, and border guards.[:][:][:]

Iran’s Diplomatic Leverage Inspired by Defense Power: Commander

Head of Iran’s Civil Defense Organization Brigadier General Gholam Reza Jalali called for constant efforts to boost the country’s defense capabilities, describing them as the factor encouraging Iranian diplomats in political negotiations.

Iran Sentences 6 US Spies to 10 Years in Jail

Six Iranian nationals have been sentenced to 10 years in prison each over charges of espionage and collaboration with the US government.

US Didn’t Dare to Attack Iran Although It Was Likely to Do So: IRGC...

The IRGC commander says the US was ready to attack Iran in mid-2000s, but they didn’t dare to invade the country.

Iran Air Force Conducts e-warfare Drills

Iran’s Air Force has successfully conducted electronic warfare as part of large-scale three-day military drills in the central province of Isfahan.

Commander Hits Back at Kerry for Anti-Iran Allegations

A top Iranian military official hit back at US Secretary of State John Kerry for accusing Iran of adopting threatening regional policies, saying Washington itself is notorious for wreaking havoc in the Middle East region and killing thousands of people.

US Secretary of Energy: Iran’s Missile Program Was Never Part of Negotiations

The US Secretary of Energy says the talks between Iran and world powers, which led to the finalization of a nuclear deal known as JCPOA, was just focused on Tehran’s nuclear energy program, not its missile capabilities.

Iran Foils Plot by Takfiri Terrorists in Fars Province

Takfiri terrorists seem to be extending the scope of their operations into the central parts of Iran. In the most recent operation, which was foiled by Iranian security forces, they have been trying to infiltrate into Fars Province.

Iran Shut Downs 700 Dating Websites

Iranian Cyber Police has closed 700 dating websites, Iranian media reported on Monday, October 10.

Iran to Revise Capital Punishment in Near Future: Official

Head of Iran’s Supreme Human Rights Council has told a Brazilian daily that Tehran will make amendments to its laws that sentence criminals to death penalty.

Iranian General Slams US Democrats’ Hypocrisy in Election Campaign

A high-ranking Iranian military official took a swipe at the US Democratic Party for its fraudulent conduct in the electoral campaign ahead of the US presidential election and distorting the reality about its failed policies toward Iraq and Syria.

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