Saturday, May 25, 2024

4-year-old child found in Iran days after going missing               

A 4-year-old Iranian child has been found five days after going missing in the country's northern province of Golestan. 

Kalaleh’s governor, Farhad Shibak, on Thursday told the media that Yasna had been found in a nearby village and that she was in good health.

Yasna went missing on Sunday in the agricultural lands of the village of Yeli Bodragh and this was reported by the county’s office to the Red Crescent.

That was when rescue groups and local people launched a search to find her.

Yasna was found by a volunteer kite flyer of the Red Crescent and was rushed to her village by an ambulance in order for her to undergo medical checks.

The news of her being found in the village of Yeli Bodragh made locals happy.

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