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Iraq’s Internal Divisions Impacting Global Oil Market

While Iran’s nuclear deal is grabbing the international headlines, oil market experts are mainly concerned with the internal divisions in Iraq, particularly the conflict over the secession of Iraqi Kurdistan as the main element which can influence the global oil prices.
Tehran Stock Exchange

Tehran Stock Exchange Market Unaffected by Trump’s Speech

Unlike earlier estimations, Tehran Stock Exchange market has not only remained unaffected by the anti-Iran rhetoric of US President, but also has ridiculed his rhetoric by showing a significant growth in some terms.

Iran Exports 31,000 Tonnes of Macaroni Wheat to Italy

Iran has exported 31,000 tonnes of quality durum wheat to Italy for the first time, in another sign that the country’s food security drive is on target.
Iran Turns Oil-Polluted Lands into Green Belts

Iran Turns Oil-Polluted Lands into Green Belts

Iranian experts have managed to eliminate oil pollution from groundwater in Asaluyeh region in southern Iran by using local microbes, an official said.

‘JCPOA Violation to Have Little Impact on Iran’s Economy’

An Iranian lawmaker says the annulment of the JCPOA will have little bearing on Iran’s economy as the Islamic Republic is shifting away from the greenback and common European currencies.
217 Iranian Villages Generating Solar Energy

217 Iranian Villages Generating Solar Energy

Over two hundred villages in are generating solar energy to meet their power needs and the number is expected to surpass 300 by the end of this year’s Iranian calendar year (mid-March 2018).

Iranian MPs Pass 8 Bills on Economic Cooperation with Other Countries

An Iranian MP says lawmakers have passed several bills that would facilitate economic cooperation between Iran and other countries.
Kurdistan Airports

Ban on Kurdistan Airports Causing Daily Loss of $60,000

Baghdad’s ban on the arrival and departure of foreign flights at/from Kurdistan airports has reportedly caused a loss of 50 to 60 thousand dollars a day.
Iran, Ukraine to Form Joint Economic Commission

Iran, Ukraine to Form Joint Economic Commission

Iran and Ukraine have decided to establish a joint economic commission as part of efforts to enhance the level of Tehran-Kiev economic cooperation.
The International Monetary Fund

Iran’s Economic Growth Rate Stands at 12.5 Percent: IMF

The International Monetary Fund has in its latest World Economic Outlook announced that Iran's economic growth rate in 2016 was 12.518% year-on-year and its unemployment rate rose to 12.450%, while the inflation rate fell to 9.03%.

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