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All the items and stories that focus on cultural and social issues in such fields as art, food, handicrafts, religion, customs and traditions, women, cultural heritage, book, lifestyle, and tourism.

Dozens of Iranian Inmates Escape from Prison

Dozens of inmates have broken out of a prison in western Iran, but some of them have handed themselves over to authorities after the jail break.

Matlab Khan; Largest Open-Air Mosque in Iran

Located in the city of Khoy in West Azerbaijan Province, Matlab Khan mosque is known as the largest open-air mosque across Iran with unique architectural features.
Geopolitics of Iranian New Year Festival

Geopolitics of Nowruz: Saving Farsi Culture From Elimination

Attempts to have the language of Farsi eliminated will lead to exclusion of an important part of culture from the history of regional countries; including the Iranian New Year festival.

Qashqai Wedding; Unique Ceremony of Iranian Nomadic People

One of the happiest and most indigenous celebrations in Iran is the Qashqa'i wedding. The people of this tribe do their best to hold a glorious ceremony.

Tejarat Bank Museum Tied to Spirit of Old Tehran

The building of Tejarat Bank museum gallery, located in downtown Tehran, dates back to the Qajar dynasty era.
Reza Abbasi Museum

Reza Abbasi Museum; A Treasure of Ancient Iranian Works

The Reza Abbasi Museum is a museum in Tehran, named after one of the greatest artists of the Safavid era. It is home to a unique collection of Persian art dating back to the second millennium BCE, from both the pre-Islamic and Islamic eras.

Nowruz; Centuries-Old Tradition Keeping People Together

If the underlying messages of Nowruz are promoted, disputes, cruelty and insatiable greed will die down in society.
Walnut Cookie; A Tehrani Sweet for Nowruz

Walnut Cookie; A Tehrani Sweet for Nowruz

Walnut cookie is one of the sweets usually served during Nowruz. It has been made at home since old times, especially by the residents of Tehran.
Boloni; A Fortune-Telling Ritual Performed in Nowruz

Boloni; A Fortune-Telling Ritual Performed in Nowruz

The Boloni ritual, a less-known ritual performed in Iran during Nowruz holidays, predicts the good and bad events of the New Year for the person doing it based on the country’s literary heritage and the Iranian people’s belief in good and bad luck.

In Iran, Felt-Making Has Roots in History

The art of making felt is an age-old tradition in Iran’s western province of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari that was invented by the ancient people, since the region is a major producer of livestock and wool, the natural fabric used in the felt.