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Iran Leader’s social media accounts removed

Iranian Leader Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei’s accounts on Facebook and Instagram social media, with over 5 million followers, have been blocked apparently for supporting Palestinians amid the months-long Israeli genocide in Gaza.

X accused of assisting Saudi Arabia in cracking down on critics: Report

A revised civil US lawsuit has accused X, formerly known as Twitter, of assisting Saudi Arabia in perpetrating human rights abuses against its users.

‘Deep concern’ at social media company X partnering with Israeli verification firm

Campaigners have raised the alarm over reports that verification for premium users of Twitter (renamed X by owner Elon Musk) will be carried out by an Israel-based firm founded by former Israeli intelligence officials.

Social media users slam ‘hypocritical’ media coverage of Greek shipwreck and Titanic sub

Hundreds of social media users have called out mainstream media for what they say is a marked disparity in the coverage of last week’s fatal shipwreck in the Mediterranean and the missing Titanic-exploring submarine.

Iranian daily: Social media bans only led to emergence of ‘VPN mafia’

An Iranian daily criticizes the government for maintaining a ban on foreign-based social media platforms, which has forced Iranian citizens to spend money for illegal virtual private networks (VPNs) to get access to those media.

Iran security chief’s dress in meeting with Russian envoy causes controversy on social media

Fars News Agency has published a photo of Secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council Ali Shamkhani in a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin's aide that has caused a controversy on social media.

Man arrested for throwing yogurt on women without appropriate hijab

Authorities in Iran have arrested a man who threw yogurt at two women who entered a dairy store in Shanzid, northeastern Iran, without appropriate hijab.

MP: Govt. used unrest as pretext to implement notorious Interment Protection Bill

An Iranian lawmaker slams the restrictions in place against Internet access, saying the government used the recent unrest in the country as a pretext to execute the so-called Internet Protection Bill, which had been shelved in the Parliament months earlier due to widespread criticism.

MP criticizes President Raisi for restrictions on internet

An Iranian lawmaker has criticized President Ebrahim Raisi over what he called his administration’s move to restrict access to the internet.

Iran’s communications minister says has no authority over ban on Instagram

Iran’s Minister of Communications and Information Technology Issa Zarepour says he has no authority on the restrictions placed on the US-based Instagram photo and video sharing platform, and any decision regarding the bans concerns Iran’s National Security Council.

Iranian daily: Internet shutdown must have parliament approval

Iran’s Etella’at Newspaper has criticized the decision to keep internet shut down in the country.

Tehran sets deadline for Meta to introduce representative for Iran

Tehran sent a letter to US Technology Company, Meta, giving it ten days to take necessary measures, including introducing a representative, in order for the company’s platforms to continue activities in Iran.

Iranian dailies: Blocking internet to silence protests ineffective, irrational

Two Iranian dailies have questioned the government’s move to put a chokehold on the internet following the protests and deadly riots over the death of a young Iranian woman in police custody over a month ago.

Private sector official: Cost of internet filtering to businesses well over $3bn announced

The Iranian private sector’s House of Industry and Mine says the cost of over a month of strict internet filtering in Iran due to protests and riots is far higher than the nearly $3bn announced by the Iranian chamber of commerce.

“Small businesses on their last legs in Iran”

A member of the Iranian Association of Online Businesses has said visits to these businesses have been diminished due to the internet outage in Iran.

Report: VPN demand in Iran sees unprecedented 3,000% rise

Demand for VPN software to bypass the internet blockage in Iran has witnessed a whopping 3,000-percent increase in recent weeks following the restrictions imposed by the government, a member of the Union of Computer Technicians says.

Iranian paper: ‘National internet’ is like locking up whole nation

An Iranian daily has some vitriolic words for proponents of a controversial ‘national internet’ project in Iran to limit citizens’ access to the worldwide web, saying the scheme is tantamount to incarcerating the entire nation.

Internet restrictions in Iran badly affecting economy, businesses: Poll

Opinion polls suggest restrictions on Internet access in Iran are tightening the noose on numerous businesses as well as the economy.

Research center: Telegram app use doubled in Iran since recent protests, riots

Iranian center for Data Review and Analysis (BETA research center) says the use of Telegram messaging application has more than doubled since September 6.

Report: Iran internet blackout shuts down some 300k online stores in country

The government’s decision to impose an internet blackout amid the protests and riots that have hit different cities across Iran, has reportedly shut down some 300,000 online stores.

Instagram applies dual approach to Iran-related posts: Govt. spox

The Iranian administration slams Instagram, a US-based photo and video sharing social networking giant, for its 'double-standard approach in dealing with Iran-related content' posted on the platform.

Daily: Internet restrictions in Iran inflict huge losses on businesses, economy

The Iranian government’s restricting Internet access in the country has drawn extensive criticism as the measure has inflicted huge losses on numerous businesses.

Iranian minister rejects rumors of ‘planned ban’ on Instagram, WhatsApp

Iran’s minister of information and communications technology dismisses rumors of a government decision to ban widely-used WhatsApp and Instagram social networking services.

Instagram blocks two Iranian cabinet members

Photo and video sharing social networking service Instagram has blocked the accounts of two Iranian cabinet members.

IRIB’s web TV targeted with new ‘large-scale’ cyberattack

Iran’s Telewebion web TV was targeted with a new cyberattack as millions of people tuned in to watch the 2022 World Cup qualifier between Iran and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

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