Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Internet restrictions in Iran badly affecting economy, businesses: Poll

Opinion polls suggest restrictions on Internet access in Iran are tightening the noose on numerous businesses as well as the economy.

Roughly all 40 economic players polled by the Iranian newspaper, Donyaye Eghtesad, said their businesses were disrupted due to Internet shutdowns.

The majority of them also said the continuation of Internet restrictions could perpetuate the financial losses they are suffering.

“The Internet shutdown will restrict production in half of the sectors of the Iranian economy, so much so that the rate of economic growth will tremendously drop,” wrote the paper.

“Internet disruptions have also intensified the macro-stagnation in the housing sector, and the capital market, too, will suffer in the short run due to a drop in demand,” the newspaper explained.

The report quoting the polls results as saying the Internet shutdown will disrupt the process of manufacturing and production, hence putting the industry under pressure. It will affect all out-of-factory processes, namely procurement, distribution, sales, clearance of goods at the customs and forex issues.

And the last but not least, the paper said, it will have adverse effects such as rising unemployment and a drop in national welfare.

Iranian authorities have limited access to internet following the unrest and riots recently unfolding in the country. They say the rioters use applications like Instagram and WhatsApp to coordinate their activities.

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