Thursday, June 1, 2023

Iranian Scientists

Iran Builds Exoskeleton Robot for Disabled People

An Iranian knowledge-based company has built an exopad robotic exoskeleton robot for patients with physical disabilities in the lower parts of the body.

Iran Sole Producer of Closed-Cell Aluminum Foam in Region: Report

The Iranian government says local industralists have made the country self-sufficient in production of closed-cell aluminum foam following the US sanctions.

Iranian Firm Exports Antibacterial Carpets to European, Asian Countries

Technologists at one of the leading Iranian companies in the field of machine-made carpets are exporting antibacterial carpets to Austria, Germany and the United Kingdom, as well as a number of African and Asian countries.

Iranian Firm Develops SMD Electronic Board Assembly Machine

An Iranian knowledge-based company has developed the complete assembly line of SMD electronic boards, tin paste printer, reflow oven and external conveyors.

Iranian Doctor Back Home after Being Released from US Prison

An Iranian doctor who had been imprisoned for several months in the United States has returned home after being released.

Iranian Scientists Build Ozone-Based Disinfectant Machine

A group of Iranian researchers have devised a machine to disinfect various places by producing ozone gas using the oxygen existing in the air without the need for chemicals.

1,500 Scientists Return to Iran to Work at Research Centres

Over 1,500 Iranian scientists and experts have returned to the country in the past few years to cooperate with universities and innovation centres, the government says.

‘Several Iranian Firms Working on Coronavirus Vaccine Development’

A number of Iranian companies have stepped into the domain of developing vaccines for the COVID-19 virus.

Iranian Firms Develop 7 IT, Communications Products

Researchers and experts at an Iranian knowledge-based company have managed to produce seven practical products in the domain of communications and information technology.

Iran Develops Virtual Anatomy Table to Reduce Dissection Costs

Due to the challenges of access to corpse for holding dissection classes, researchers at an Iranian knowledge-based company have built a virtual anatomy table for this purpose.

First Iranian LifeBot Medical Robot Unveiled in Tehran

Researchers at a knowledge-based Iranian company have designed and built a medical robot that reduces communication between the doctor and the patient with its features in the event of a high-transmission outbreak.

Iran Starts Production of Strategic Biotech Product ‘Xanthan’

An Iranian knowledge-based company says it has managed to produce a strategic material called “Xanthan” to meet the needs of various industries.

Iran Develops Robotic Surgeon to Conduct Tough Operations

An Iranian company says it has produced the equipment required for conducting robotic surgery at a very low cost.

Iran Exports Homegrown Titanium Implants to Four Countries

An Iranian knowledge-based company has managed to export its domestically-made titanium implants to four countries across the world.

Seventh Edition of STEP Symposium Kicks Off in Tehran

The seventh symposium of the Science and Technology Experience Exchange Program in Muslim countries known as STEP has kicked off in Tehran.

Omar Khayyam; Eminent Polymath Who Married Science with Literature

Iran’s minister of cultural heritage, tourism and handicrafts has, in a message, expressed congratulations on National Omar Khayyam Day, paying tribute to the eminent Persian poet.

Iran Devises Homegrown Ultrasonic Power Supply Used to Produce Protective Masks

Scientists at Iranian knowledge-based companies have devised an ultrasonic power supply device used in the production of protective face masks.

96 Iranian Inventions Granted International Patents

The Iranian government says it is helping local inventors to apply for and obtain international patents and has so far supported 96 domestic inventions in registering patents in credible foreign offices.

Iran Starts Production of Homegrown Latex Gloves

An Iranian company has begun producing medical latex gloves, the global demand for which has sharply risen after the coronavirus outbreak.

Iran Develops Herbal Medicine for Epilepsy

A group of Iranian researchers have "successfully" tested the country's first herbal medicine for epilepsy, after years of research.

Iran’s IRGC Says Planning to Put Satellite into Geostationary Orbit 

An Iranian IRGC commander says the country plans to increase the orbital altitude of its military satellite to reach a geosynchronous equatorial orbit of 36,000 kilometres in the coming years. 

Iran to Unveil Geomatic Coronavirus Detection System

Iran is to unveil a geomatic anti-coronavirus system in the near future, a senior official says.

Iran to Export Coronavirus Test Kits to Germany, Turkey

The Islamic Republic of Iran will start exporting homegrown diagnostic test kits for the novel coronavirus disease to Germany and Turkey in the coming weeks, Vice-President for Science and Technology Sorena Sattari has announced.

Iranian Scientist Jailed in US to Be Released Soon

Tehran says the Iranian scientist imprisoned in the US Immigration Service's detention centre will be released and expatriated soon.

Iranian Firm Develops N95 Mask Making Machine

An Iranian knowledge-based company has designed and manufactured an industrial machine producing N95 face masks, a respiratory device designed to achieve close facial fit and efficient filtration which is widely used for protection against the novel coronavirus.

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