Thursday, January 26, 2023

Iranian Scientists Build Ozone-Based Disinfectant Machine

A group of Iranian researchers have devised a machine to disinfect various places by producing ozone gas using the oxygen existing in the air without the need for chemicals.

Scientists at a knowledge-based company located in the Science and Technology Tower of Amirkabir University of Technology have manufactured the device called “Ozonizer”.

The low-weight, non-chemical Ozonizer produces ozone from the surrounding air. Ozone does not accumulate on surfaces compared to conventional disinfectants that remain on the surface, and has long-term corrosive effects.

The ozone molecule is converted into oxygen after a short time again and has no side effects after disinfection.

Moreover, easy use of the Ozonizer and its full coverage of all spaces minimises the risk of human error in disinfection operations.

Due to the prevalence of the coronavirus and the importance of disinfecting high-risk areas of the country, Shareh Faraz Payda Company says it has focused on offering a variety of disinfectants to protect the health of Iranians.

Ozone, as a powerful oxidizer, has the ability to kill microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and viruses. Ozone-based air disinfectants are suitable for disinfection of hospitals, offices, meeting and conference rooms, parliament, banks, hotels, public places, trains, passenger terminals and the like.

In addition, Ozonite water sprayer allows the consumer to always make sure that there is a reservoir of highly disinfectant water available.

By spraying Ozonite water, surfaces, equipment, textiles, and food can be disinfected. The sterile compartment can replace hospital autoclaves to sterilise medical masks, clothing, and laboratory and medical equipment.

For home use, you can put clothes, food, fruits and vegetables, and any suspected thing in the container which will be disinfected after the time specified in the device’s instructions.

Meanwhile, it can also be used in disinfectant tunnels and cabins which are capable of disinfecting goods and people at the entrances of medical centres, offices, ministries, factories, hotels, prisons, and residential complexes.

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