Monday, February 26, 2024

Iran Devises Comprehensive Autism Screening System

A group of Iranian researchers at a knowledge-based company have developed a comprehensive autism screening system.

The apparatus is installed at medical centres and helps medical personnel to conduct an initial screening of children suffering from autism.

“The comprehensive autism screening system is a multi-faceted device … which analyses the child’s behaviour using a camera,” said Manouchehr Moradi Sabzevar, the CEO of the company which has developed the system.

“This system is equipped with smart games which are used to examine the possibility of a child having autism,” he added.

“This apparatus studies children between 1.5 and 5 years old,” he went on to say. “The comprehensive autism screening system is connected to the company’s data centre via and online network. Data collected by the apparatus is fed into the company’s Analysis and Evaluation Centre, and the result is sent to the medical centre accordingly,” Moradi said.

“The device is also fitted with a smart audio system which analyzes the sound of a child crying and presents the result to medical staff,” he notes.

He says the system is undergoing clinical tests at medical centres and has, fortunately, received good feedback from medical staff.

“With the support of relevant institutions, we hope the system could be mass-produced and exported,” he says.

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