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The latest news and views about people with disabilities

Girls with Intellectual Disability Thrilled to Meet Famous TV Host

Iran’s most popular sports programs host has called on girls with intellectual disability at one of the institutes run by the Rehabilitation Organization.

Medicinal Herbs Used to Make Dolls for Visually Challenged Kids

A female Iranian artist designs and makes special dolls with medicinal herbs for visually challenged children.

Downtism Café; Cosy Hangout Run by Autistic, Down Syndrome Staff

A café was recently opened at a shopping centre near Vanak square in northern Tehran with staff suffering from autism and Down Syndrome.

Iranian Scientists Design Wheelchair to Help Disabled Stand Up

Iranian researchers at the Islamic Azad University of Pardis have designed a wheelchair that is capable of changing the position of the disabled from sitting to standing position.

Disabled Iranian Devises System to Make Life Easier for Invalids

A disabled Iranian man has designed a system which brings together businesses that are willing to offer services to the disabled.

Tehran Hosts Sports Festival for Mentally Ill Patients

The seventh festival of sports competitions for mental health treatment and rehabilitation centres was recently held in the Iranian capital of Tehran.

Iranian Researchers Develop Robots to Help Rehabilitate Disabled People

The CEO of an Iranian knowledge-based firm announced the company’s access to soft robot technologies, and said developing the technology could create a revolutionary improvement in the life quality of the physically impaired.
Wedding Ceremony of Iranian Acid Victim Goes Viral

Wedding Ceremony of Iranian Acid Victim Goes Viral

A young Iranian girl disfigured in an acid attack back in 2014 has gotten married, sparking widespread positive reactions in Iran’s social media.

Iran Football 7-a-side Wins Silver at World Championships

The Iranian men’s national 7-a-side football team finished runner-up in the 2017 IFCPF CP Football World Championships, after it lost the final match to Ukraine.
Disabled Girl Acclaimed for Painting Ronaldo’s Portrait with Her Feet

Disabled Girl Acclaimed for Painting Ronaldo’s Portrait with Her Feet

A portrait of Christian Ronaldo, the superstar of Real Madrid and Portugal football teams, painted by an Iranian disabled artist has grabbed the attentions of football circles across the world.

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