Friday, February 3, 2023

Blind Girl Collects Trash at Chabahar to Raise Awareness

A blind Baluch girl and social activist symbolically collects the garbage dumped by the people on the shore of Darak in Chabahar port.

Sima Raisi, a resident of Chabahar, is now working on her doctoral dissertation in political science. She suffered from visual impairments at the age of 18 and is visionless now.

She is currently a member of the Governor’s Council of Advisers in Chabahar and is the managing director of the Chabahar Association for the Blind. Environment and women are her two favorite areas of work.

“I would like to do something for the occasions that relate to these two areas so that I can create cultural change within my society. I have two target communities – the community of women in my city and the community of the blind. I want to be their voice, change the views regarding them, and do everything I can for them to build up their confidence. I may not be able to make big changes, but I am happy with small gains. I want to tell that anyone, whether blind or healthy, whether man or woman, can do everything,” she said.

This Sunni girl is also an environmental activist and has run Chabahar beach cleanup campaign online. Her photos of collecting garbage on the beach of Darak (her village of residence) have gone viral on the Internet.

Blind Girl Collects Trash at Chabahar to Raise Awareness“I believe that we should preserve everything we enjoy as part of the blessings of God. Therefore, I will continue the Chabahar Beach Cleanup Virtual Campaign.”

She also runs a Telegram channel called “The Awareness Channel”, where she reports on the results of her research activities on Baloch culture or debates on her field – political sociology.

She hopes to work in organisations like the United Nations to help people like herself. “We create limitations and disabilities because of the limitations and disabilities created by our minds and thoughts,” she added.

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