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The latest news and views about Iran’s medical achievements

Iran Produces Digital Embryo Detector  

A group of researchers have, for the first time in Iran, developed a digital embryo detector that can record sounds, show coloured images and the pulse rate.

Iran to Provide Neighbours with Lab Services

Iran’s neighbouring countries have turned into the new customers of the country’s laboratory services and the Islamic Republic is to facilitate the transfer of domestic laboratory services to these states.

High Blood Pressure; A Dangerous Silent Killer

The dangerous thing about hypertension or high blood pressure is that nearly 50% of people with the disease are unaware of their illness, so they do not take action to control the disease. This is why the disease is called the silent killer.

Migraine Call Centre in Iran Monitoring Patients 24/7

A call centre opened by an Iranian company monitors all the patients who have bought the “Migraine Cut” spray, a new medicine that can treat migraine headaches.

Iran Plans to Produce 135 Medicines Domestically

An Iranian official has unveiled plans for the production of 135 strategic pharmaceutical products inside the country with the help of local knowledge-based companies and start-ups.

Iranian Researchers Develop Artificial Bladder

A group of Iranian researchers have developed an artificial bladder and conduit for the first time in the country.

Iran Unveils Bio-Printer Capable of Making Artificial Bones

An Iranian knowledge-based company has developed a bio-printer which is capable of 3D printing of human bone.

Iran Develops Nano Iron Supplements

An Iranian company has produced nano iron supplements which neither changes the colour of teeth, nor causes digestive problems for consumers.

Researchers Producing Human Pancreas inside Animal Body

Iranian researchers are trying to produce the human pancreas inside animals’ body first as part of a project to produce body organs.

Medicinal Herbs: An Effective Treatment for Migraine

Medicinal herbs are an effective alternative for chemical drugs to prevent and reduce the effects of migraine.

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