Saturday, December 9, 2023

3 More Iranian Firms to Begin COVID-19 Vaccine Human Test in Weeks

Three Iranian knowledge-based companies are going to receive permission for human trials on homegrown vaccines for the coronavirus infection within the next few weeks, an official has announced.

Secretary of Biotechnology Development Headquarters of the Iranian Vice Presidency for Science and Technology said on Wednesday that three more knowledge-based companies will be granted permission in the next Iranian month (to begin on December 21) for the human trial of vaccine for COVID-19.

After passing the human tests, the Iranian vaccines can enter the industrial production phase to supply the domestic demand, Mostafa Qanei added.

He said the Vice Presidency for Science and Technology has sponsored projects carried out by the local knowledge-based companies on the development of seven types of coronavirus vaccine.

Development of another Iranian vaccine, which has recently received approval for human tests, is financed by the Barakat Foundation, affiliated with the Headquarters for Executing the Order of Imam Khomeini, he added.

Qanei finally noted that the Iranian vaccine that is undergoing clinical trials at present is similar to the Chinese-made vaccine, Sinovac.

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