Sunday, April 21, 2024

Iranian Firm Develops SMD Electronic Board Assembly Machine

An Iranian knowledge-based company has developed the complete assembly line of SMD electronic boards, tin paste printer, reflow oven and external conveyors.

Maral Robot Sanat Company provides services to SMD board manufacturers by producing SMD board assembly machines with high speed and accuracy.

The company‘s CEO says foreign samples of all the products developed by this firm are being imported from other countries at high costs.

Ata Qader said if the use of Iranian-made products is institutionalised in the industries, the outflow of foreign exchange from the country will be significantly reduced.

All of the company’s products are made domestically, said Qader, noting that 15 local specialists are working for the company.

He also pointed to the tin paste printers developed by Maral Robot Sanat, saying, “The manual printer is an easy device to apply tin paste on electronic boards. Tin paste printing is an important process and the assembly machine must be carefully adjusted.”

The settings of this device are completely manual and rotating clamps are used to move the platform in the X and Y directions,” he said.

“Also, stencils of different sizes are fastened to the top frame using rotating clamps,” he added.

The tin paste printer also has a removable drawer for placing PCBs on magnetic clocks. In this case, it will be easier to install and replace the PCB. By moving and locking the clocks to the desired size, it is possible to print for boards of different sizes.

Maral Robot Sanat Company seeks to find a good market for its products by using leasing services and participating in domestic and foreign exhibitions offered by the Islamic Republic’s Vice Presidency for Science and Technology.

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