Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Iranian Scientists

Fakhrizadeh Assassination Shows Iran Moving on Right Scientific Path: VP

A senior Iranian official says the assassination of prominent scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh shows the country is moving on the right scientific path.

First Iranian Coronavirus Vaccine Enters Clinical Studies Phase

The first Iranian COVID-19 vaccine has entered the phase of clinical studies as the names of the producing drug company and lead researcher are announced.

Fakhrizadeh‌ Killing Aimed at Impeding Iran’s National Progress: Spokesman

Iran’s government spokesman says the assassination of prominent Iranian scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh had numerous objectives.

Iran Starts Mass Producing 20-Minute COVID-19 Test

Iran has started the mass production of a domestically-developed antigen test for rapid diagnosis of COVID-19.

Measures Adopted to Boost Iran’s Medical Infrastructure amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Iran’s Presidential Office says it has adopted measures to reinforce infrastructure in the country’s medical sector to boost the production of products and improve services amid the coronavirus outbreak.

5 Iranian COVID-19 Vaccines on WHO’s List of Vaccine Candidates

Five Iranian-made COVID-19 vaccines have, so far, been put on the list of the vaccines candidates of the World Health Organization (WHO).

Top Iranian Professor of Political Sciences Dies of Coronavirus

Senior Iranian researcher, author and university professor Davood Feirahi has died of coronavirus infection.

Iran Develops IVF Kits for Lab-Created Animal Embryo

Iran has become the second country in the world to culture embryos in the laboratory with a homegrown in vitro fertilisation (IVF) kit developed by a domestic knowledge-based company.

Iran Uses Cell Therapy to Treat Coronavirus Patients

An Iranian company has conducted cell therapy on dozens of coronavirus patients in accordance with medical standards and criteria.

Iranian Experts Abroad Establish 160 Start-ups under Cooperation Plan

Iranian experts and entrepreneurs overseas have established some160 start-ups so far in a line with a cooperation program drawn up to set the stage for the establishment of such companies.

Iran Produces Fertilizer from Sewage Sludge

A group of Iranian researchers have managed to turn sewage mud into a material useful for agriculture.

Iran Devises Machine to Produce Microfibres Used in Medical Dressings

An Iranian knowledge-based company has manufactured a polymer microfibre spinning machine that can produce advanced medical dressings.

Iran Builds Homegrown Robot to Unclog Deep Wells

As the presence of manpower at great depths of earth is almost impossible, an Iranian knowledge-based company has devised a robot to unclog the deep wells and the underground linkage.

Iranian Firm Develops High-Frequency Electronic Systems

An Iranian knowledge-based company has designed and produced a whole range of products in the domain of high-frequency electronic systems.

Iran Has Some of World’s Most Successful Startups: VP

A senior Iranian official says Iran is among the top countries in the world when it comes to knowledge-based companies and startups.

Iran Unveils New System for Real-Time Diagnosis of Coronavirus Infection

Iran's Nanotechnology Innovation Council has unveiled a new system for the real-time diagnosis of the novel coronavirus, which detects the intensity of reactive oxygen species (ROS) in one's sputum sample.

COVID-19 Breaks Traditional Resistance to Online Businesses: Iran VP

Iranian Vice-President for Science and Technology Sorena Sattari says the novel coronavirus pandemic has broken the traditional resistance to online businesses and helped them thrive.

Iranian Researcher Discovers Two New Species of Fauna

A faculty member of Birjand University in Iran’s South Khorasan province has discovered and named two new genera and species of arthropods and spiders.

Iran Devises Comprehensive Autism Screening System

A group of Iranian researchers at a knowledge-based company have developed a comprehensive autism screening system.

Researchers Use Persian Violet to Treat Breast Cancer

Iranian researchers have introduced the extract of the Persian violet for the complementary treatment of breast cancer.

300 Experts Return to Iran to Help Innovation Centres

Iran says over 300 experts and specialists have returned to the Islamic Republic from other countries to cooperate with nearly 50 knowledge-based companies.

Iran Develops Air Handler Capable of Killing Coronavirus

An Iranian knowledge-based company says it has developed an air handling unit capable of taking out the novel coronavirus.

Iranian Researchers Develop Haemostatic Nanogauze

A group of Iranian researchers have developed environmentally-friendly nano-dressing for wounds.

Iran Develops 3D Printer to Produce Fibre-Reinforced Composites

Researchers at an Iranian university have designed and built the largest 3D printer to produce fibre-reinforced composites in various industries.

Iran to Develop Artificial Intelligence Start-ups

Iran’s Vice Presidency for Science and Technology says it is working to increase the number of start-ups in the field of artificial intelligence to nearly 200 in the near future and encourage investors to spend in this sector.

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