Friday, March 1, 2024

Iranian Firm Develops High-Frequency Electronic Systems

An Iranian knowledge-based company has designed and produced a whole range of products in the domain of high-frequency electronic systems.

Managing director of the company Farhad Rabiei said its research activities are, among other things, geared to meeting the needs of the telecommunications industry, producing protection systems, and developing image-processing as well as remote-control equipment.

“In line with these objectives, we have produced equipment such as fibre-optic transmitters, commercial and industrial PoE switches, converters of videos to fibre optics using CWDM technology, optic modems for visual automation products, and passive products such as patch cords and pigtails,” he said.

He touched upon the production of the fibre-optic converter which, he added, has these parts: a transmitter, a relay device and optic receiver.

“The transmitter produces data in the form of optic signals and encodes them. Optic fibres are used to transmit signal over long distances. Given the weakness of optic signals in long distances, a relay device is used to make them stronger. Finally, an optic receivers receives these signals and decodes them,” he said.

Rabiei noted the fibre-optic converter converts signals such as videos, voice, internet signals, phone signals and data into optic signals.

He said if these products are mass-produced, they will not only save the country a huge amount foreign currency, but also will meet a great part of the needs of the telecommunications and information technology sector.

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