Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Iranian Experts Abroad Establish 160 Start-ups under Cooperation Plan

Iranian experts and entrepreneurs overseas have established some160 start-ups so far in a line with a cooperation program drawn up to set the stage for the establishment of such companies.

The 160 firms have become operational in the domains of biotechnology, nanotechnology, stem cells, information and communications technology, energy and advanced materials.

Most of these Iranian entrepreneurs come from the United States, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden and Britain, said the Science and Technology Department of Iran’s Presidential Office.

They have established the start-ups via the cooperation plan mentioned earlier.

The cooperation program ( is aimed at tapping into the scientific and expert potential of Iranian researchers and experts and establishing a link with top scientific, technological and industrial centres of the country.

The program has been growing well with the establishment of a vast network of specialized centres, including the best universities, research centres and knowledge-based companies of the country.

Under the latest figures, more than 120 expert cetnres have joined the program so far. The cooperation will lead to the development of science and technology inside the country as well as drawing on the experience of Iranian expatriates and tapping into the potential of other countries.

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