Monday, June 17, 2024

Iran Develops System to Disinfect Ozone Gas

An Iranian knowledge-based company has developed a system to disinfect the ozone gas using nanotechnology.

CEO of the firm Bita Mehravi says it is the first time that such a device has been made.

“The disinfection system can be used at home, in industrial settings and in hospitals, and is capable of disinfect the ozone gas,” she said.

She said the ozone gas is detrimental to human health, but has strong antiseptic properties.

“The system’s innovation is that after the disinfection process ends with the help of nanotechnology, ozone is turned into oxygen and will have no hazards for humans and the environment alike,” she noted.

“This apparatus is an environmentally-friendly one, is capable of disinfecting all instruments which are not sensitive to ozone, and has received permits from the Food and Drug Organization as well as the reliable environmental laboratory,” she said.

“No similar systems have been developed so far, and at the moment, we are holding talks with a number of Italian and German companies to open its production line in Europe,” she said.

“This apparatus is very cost-effective and needs no detergents,” the CEO said.

“Among other features of the system is that it creates no sensitivity and it is safe for humans,” she said.

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