Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Top Iranian Professor of Political Sciences Dies of Coronavirus

Senior Iranian researcher, author and university professor Davood Feirahi has died of coronavirus infection.

Feirahi was a professor of Political Sciences at the University of Tehran and a researcher in the domain of political thinking.

He had been in hospital for quite some time due to infection with COVID-19.
Born in 1964 in the Iranian city of Zanjan, Feirahi received his Ph.D. degree in Political Sciences from the University of Tehran.

During his lifetime, he authored several books and published dozens of articles in journals on the political ideology of Islam. He also presented numerous articles in conferences.

Feirahi taught several courses at university, including Political Thoughts in Contemporary Iran, Political Thoughts in Contemporary Islam, Political Jurisprudence, Political Thoughts in Iran and Islam, Contemporary Islamic Fundamentalism and Radicalism, Political Establishment and Government in Islam, The History of Change of Government in the World of Islam, and Basics of Political Thoughts in Islam.

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