Iranian Firms Develop 7 IT, Communications Products

Researchers and experts at an Iranian knowledge-based company have managed to produce seven practical products in the domain of communications and information technology.

The products compare to similar foreign-made products as far as quality is concerned. Now, many organizations and institution are using these products.

“At the moment, we have managed to domestically develop seven knowledge-based products in the field of communications and information technology,” says Aynaz Mohajer, the CEO of the Iranian Sharq Golden Communications Network knowledge-based company.

She says one of the products developed is a vehicle tracker used by car fleet management systems. The tracker system can be used to monitor and track vehicles outside organizations.

“This system provides the relevant organization with information such as speed, the time and place of stops, and the fuel consumption amount,” she says.

“After being installed, the system gains full software control over trips. This product is available with quality similar to European products, but at a lower price,” she says.
“They also have more capabilities compared to foreign-made ones,” she adds.

“If foreign-made trackers break down, they cannot be used again. Given a lack of … spare parts for them on the market, the cannot be repaired. But this [Iranian] product has backup and aftersales services, and it can be expanded depending on the requirements of the relevant organization,” she said.

Another product developed is related to electronic payment. The product directly connects the user to the bank.

Yet another product developed by this knowledge-based company is a tracker used to track marine vessels. The product fully displays different marine maps. This product is fitted with a satellite-operated ground positioning system (GPS) and can show position and find directions on the map.

Another product is a network quality monitoring system.

The sixth product is a business support system (BSS) used by telecommunications companies. The system eases contact with customer and offers a variety of services to them.

The last product is a public Wi-Fi internet provider system.

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