Sunday, May 28, 2023


Iran denies involvement in alleged attack plot in Greece

Iran’s Embassy in Greece has strongly denied a claim by the Zionist regime that Tel Aviv helped Athens foil a terror plot hatched by Tehran.

Iran rejects UK, Israel claims over “nuclear threat”

The spokesman for the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has rejected as irony claims by Britain and Israel over quote threats posed by Tehran's nuclear work.

Report: Israel says Iran’s uranium enrichment above 60% could trigger military attack, Tehran warns against mistake

The Israeli government has reportedly told the United States and a number of European countries Iran's move to enrich uranium above 60% level, could trigger a military strike on Iran. Tehran has repeatedly warned that any mistake by Israel will be met with a crushing response.

Dozens of NGOs call on Biden to reject US diplomat’s anti-Iran remarks

Forty-five NGOs have urged US President Joe Biden to reject the comments made by Washington's ambassador to Israel Tom Nides who had said his country would back Israel in “whatever action” they take against Iran.

Iranian analyst: War against Iran far-fetched in short term

A former Iranian diplomat says it’s highly unlikely that Israel will launch a preemptive strike against Iran in the near future.

Iran says Israel attack on quake-hit Syria “crime against humanity”

The spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry has strongly condemned Israeli attack on the international airport in the quake-hit Syrian city of Aleppo, as a clear example of crime against humanity.

Report: Israel exporting arms to Azerbaijan in return for access to Iran

A new investigation has revealed that Israel is exporting weapons worth billions of dollars to Azerbaijan in return for the former Soviet republic supplying Tel Aviv with oil and providing access to Iran.

Iranian daily warns govt.: Grossi could be Israel’s spy

An Iranian daily close to the Principlists warns the government against providing data on the country’s sensitive nuclear sites and scientists to the head of the UN nuclear watchdog, saying there is a possibility that he serves as a spy for Israel.

Iran writes to UN, warns of response to any Israeli military aggression

Tehran has urged the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to take a stand against Israel’s unlawful military threats against the Islamic Republic, warning that the Tel Aviv regime will get a befitting response if it commits any act of aggression against Iran.

Commander: US-backed Israeli moves against Iran endangering American soldiers in region

A senior Iranian military commander has warned that any US support  for Israeli actions against Tehran would imperil the lives of American forces in the Middle East.

Iran calls on the UN to stop Israel killing of Palestinians

The Iranian foreign ministry spokesman has called on the international community to take immediate action to stop the killing of Palestinians by Israel.

Report: No Iranians killed in Damascus rocket attack by Zionist regime

Iran says none of its nationals were killed in Saturday evening’s attack by the Israeli regime on the Syrian capital Damascus. That’s according to Nour News, a media outlet affiliated with Iran’s Supreme National Security Council.

Iran condemns Israeli attack on Syria, says intl. silence shameful

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Nasser Kanaani strongly condemned attacks by the Zionist regime on targets in Damascus and the surroundings, which led to the deaths and injuries of a group of Syrian civilians.

Netanyahu blames Iran for attack on oil tanker

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claimed that Iran was responsible for the last week attack on an Israeli-owned oil tanker off the Arabian Sea.

IRGC spokesman and Iranian intel. chief say Israel whacked over Isfahan attack

The spokesman for the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps says Iran has given painful responses to the Zionist regime’s attacks in the country.

Iran to UN: Israel behind recent terrorist attack in Isafahn

Iran’s representative to the United Nations has in a letter to the world body’s chief and the president of the UN Security Council said the Zionist regime was behind the recent terrorist attack on a military facility in the Iranian city of Isfahan.

Report: Parts of drones used in Isfahan attack smuggled into Iran from north Iraq, Israel involved

Iran’s Nour News media outlet says parts of the drones used in the recent attack on a military facility in Isfahan were smuggled into Iran with the help of Israel-affiliated counterrevolutionary Kurdish groups based in northern Iraq.

Iran Intelligence Minister: Neighboring countries should avoid Israel for their own security

Iran’s Intelligence Minister Esmaeil Khatib has warned neighboring countries to avoid ties with Israel, which he described as a “dying regime”, for “their own security.”

US officials say Israel behind drone attack on Iran military workshop

Israel carried out a drone strike targeting a defense compound in Iran, according to US officials and people familiar with the operation. Iran says its air defenses had fended off an attempted attack by three small quadcopters targeting a munitions factory in the city of Isfahan.

Iran says has busted 2 more Mossad spy teams plotting to conduct acts of terror, 13 nabbed

Iran says its intelligence forces have dismantled a terrorist ring tied to Israel’s Mossad spy agency, which has been plotting to carry out acts of sabotage in the country’s major cities.

Parliament chief: Iran should increase costs of any normalization with Israel

Iranian Parliament Speaker Mohammad-Baqer Qalibaf says Iran should “increase the costs” of normalization with Israel to the extent that no country would ever dare go for peace with the occupying regime.

Iran condemns desecration of al-Aqsa by Israel

The Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman has strongly condemned the desecration of al-Aqsa Mosque by a cabinet minister of Israel.

Iran army commander warns Israel against any aggression, promises crushing response

The chief commander of the Iranian Army has warned that the country's armed forces will give a decisive response to any potential threat posed by Israel.

Iran’s top general warns country will give firm response to any aggression

The chairman of Iran’s Joint Chiefs of Staff says the Islamic Republic has joined the club of the world’s drone powers.

Iran says has dismantled Mossad-affiliated terror teams

Iran’s Intelligence Ministry announced that the country's security forces have identified and arrested the members of four terror teams linked to the Israeli regime’s Mossad spy agency.

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