Refugees and Immigrants

Afghan migrant dies, four wounded in mine blast on Iran-Iraq border 

A mine explosion on the border between Iran and Iraq claimed the life of an illegal Afghan migrant and injured four others, the governor of the western Iranian town of Mehran said on Friday. 

Iranian official sounds the alarm over migration rate

Iranians have chosen to migrate during the past decades for several reasons, but the new trend is alarming, according to the head of a research center, who says “Iranians are now leaving just to stay away from Iran.”

Iranian interior minister: Hundreds of thousands of refugees deported

Iran’s Interior Minister Ahmad Vahidi says Tehran has deported some 400 thousand illegal migrants to their own countries.

Iran rejects reports it plans to house Afghan asylum-seekers expelled from Pakistan

An Iranian official has denied reports that a UN authority had announced Afghan asylum-seekers expelled from Pakistan would be housed in Iran.

Iranian migration observatory: Iran tops global immigration rates

In a groundbreaking revelation, Bahram Salvati, Director of the Iranian Migration Observatory, uncovered Iran's unprecedented status as the world's leading source of immigrants.

Turkey police launch shadow campaign to deport immigrants and refugees

Turkey has set up a silent campaign to reduce the number of refugees and migrants within its borders, including Syrians.

UNICEF says 11 children die every week attempting to cross Mediterranean migration route

During the first half of the current year, 289 boys and girls died while crossing the Mediterranean Sea to reach Europe, or double the number compared to the same period in 2022, the UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) has announced.

Official: Iran destination for some 63% of Afghan refugees

The Iranian deputy justice minister says the Islamic Republic is the top destination of around 63 percent of Afghan refugees fleeing a host of crises in their homeland.

Academic: Up to 10% of Iran’s population emigrated due to ‘social upheavals’

An Iranian academic claims that between 8 to 10 percent of the country’s entire population has emigrated to other countries, most of whom have been professionals and scientists.

Taliban delegates in Iran for talks on situation of Afghan migrants

A delegation with Afghanistan’s caretaker Taliban government has visited Iran for talks with relevant officials on the situation of Afghan migrants and refugees in the country.

Official: Brain drain in Iran escalating into general immigration

The rate of migration by Iranians has increased 1.5 times in recent years. That’s according to the head of the immigration observatory of Iran.

UNHCR official: Iran providing Afghan refugees with all facilities

An official with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) praises Iran for warmly hosting Afghan refugees in the country and providing them, particularly their children, with all facilities, including education.

Migration Observatory: Iran facing mass migration

Iran Migration Observatory, which offers statistics on the rate of migration from the country, says emigration from Iran is currently just limited to the elite.

Education minister: Iran scrambling to meet immigrants’ needs

Iran has earmarked more funds to fit the immigrant students, whose number is getting close to the one million mark, into the country’s education system, the Iranian education minister says.

Iran interior minister: Foreigners without IDs should return home

Interior Minister Ahmad Vahidi says it is illegal for foreign nationals to remain on Iranian soil, and that those foreigners who do not possess the required legal documents must return to their home countries.

Iran rolls out free measles vaccination for Afghan, Pakistani migrants

Iran’s Health Ministry says all legal and illegal migrants from Afghanistan and Pakistan in Iran, can vaccinate their children against preventable diseases free of charge.

Turkish Opposition Vows to Send Back Home Syrian Refugees If He Wins Elections

The leader of the Turkish opposition says if his party comes to power after the elections in this country, he will send back the Syrian refugees to their country.

Iranian Asylum Seeker Turns into Hero in Germany

Chia Rabiee, an Iranian Kurdish asylum-seeker in Germany, has turned into a hero in the country after he and several other passersby prevented a stabbing attack by an assailant, who had earlier killed three women and injured seven others with a knife.

Joint Pains Link Iranian, Afghan People Together: Rouhani

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani has recently talked to an Afghan refugee admitted to a hospital in Yazd province over the novel coronavirus.

Iran Extends Foreign Nationals’ Visas to Help Contain Coronavirus Outbreak

Iran has extended visas and stay permits for foreign nationals in order to help contain the spread of the coronavirus.

Iran Sets World Record in Educating Foreign Students

The Islamic Republic of Iran has set a new world record in providing schooling for foreign students, an Iranian official says.

Afghan Immigrants Running Cozy Café in Downtown Tehran

Two young Afghans have opened a café in the Iranian capital to bring together Afghans and Iranians alike in a friendly atmosphere.

Why and How to Get Iran’s Residency

A new by-law passed by the Iranian government provides foreign nationals, particularly those from Afghanistan, with a new chance to get Iran’s residency. But why and how should they do that?

Iran Bans Segregating Foreign Students from Nationals

An official with Iran's education ministry says there should not be any discrimination between foreign and Iranian national at schools and this has been announced through formal letters to school deans.

Iran Implementing Plan to Promote Refugees’ Health

Iran’s Health Ministry and the Immigrants Department of the country’s Interior Ministry have signed a memorandum of understanding on the assessment and promotion of the health of refugees and foreign immigrants, with a focus on fight against tuberculosis, AIDS, and Malaria.

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