Friday, June 21, 2024

Iranian migration observatory: Iran tops global immigration rates

In a groundbreaking revelation, Bahram Salvati, Director of the Iranian Migration Observatory, uncovered Iran's unprecedented status as the world's leading source of immigrants.

The OECD Migration Yearbook of 2023 spotlighted a striking surge in Iranian asylum applications, with Iranians topping the list in various host countries.

Among the most notable figures disclosed, Iranians claimed the top spot for new asylum applications in Australia, showcasing a staggering 266% increase with 1,916 applications in 2022, compared to 846 in 2021.

Moreover, Germany witnessed a remarkable influx with 6,320 new applications from Iranians in 2022, marking a substantial 234% surge from 2,695 applications the previous year.

This record-breaking trend solidifies Iran’s position as a prominent source of global migration, reflecting a significant rise in Iranians seeking asylum in various nations, highlighting a pivotal shift in global migration patterns, the observatory said.

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