Saturday, April 20, 2024

Taliban delegates in Iran for talks on situation of Afghan migrants

A delegation with Afghanistan’s caretaker Taliban government has visited Iran for talks with relevant officials on the situation of Afghan migrants and refugees in the country.

Mohammd Jan Khedr Kheyl, the head of the Taliban Immigration Ministry’s Department of Internal Inspections, led the visiting delegation.

Iran has long been hosting millions of Afghans who have fled insecurity, war and violence in their homeland. It is estimated that over four million Afghan nationals are living in Iran.

The UN has, on numerous occasions, praised the Islamic Republic for hosting Afghan refugees despite all the tough economic sanctions imposed by the US on the Iranian nation.

Iran has repeatedly complained about a failure on the part of the international community to provide Tehran with assistance in its efforts to host Afghan nationals.

The influx of refugees has seen a rise since the Taliban’s rise to power following Washington’s humiliating military withdrawal from the country in 2021.

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