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Hassan Rouhani

Iran ex-president Rouhani demands explanations from Guardian Council for disqualification

Iran’s former president Hassan Rouhani, in a new letter, has once again demanded the Guardian Council vetting body give ‘specific’ reasons for disqualifying him as a candidate in the recently-held parliamentary and Assembly of Experts elections.

Former Iran President Rouhani asks Guardian Council again to clarify disqualification reasons

Former Iranian president Hassan Rouhani, in a letter for the third time, has asked Iran’s electoral vetting body to publicly announce the reasons for disqualifying him as a candidate for the upcoming parliamentary and Assembly of Experts polls.

Former Iranian FM Zarif defends Rouhani’s administration efforts to clinch nuclear deal 

Iran’s former foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has once again defended the 2015 nuclear deal, known as JCPOA, under which Iran accepted some restrictions on its atomic program in exchange for sanctions removal.

Iranian paper raps oversight body for disqualifying parliamentary hopefuls

A Tehran-based Iranian newspaper has urged the Guardian Council, an oversight body examining the credentials of electoral hopefuls, to present convincing explanation to the public for disqualifying nominees for the upcoming legislative elections.

Iran’s former president Rouhani slams his disqualification from elections

Iran’s former president Hasan Rouhani has issued a statement after he was disqualified from running for the upcoming general elections, saying the move will lead to the disillusion of people.

Hassan Rouhani disqualified from running in Assembly of Experts election

An Iranian oversight body examining the credentials of electoral hopefuls have disqualified former president Hassan Rouhani from running in the Assembly of Experts election.

Ex-Pres. Rouhani challenges Iranian parliament’s efficacy, elections disqualifications

Former Iranian President Hassan Rouhani criticized the current Iranian parliament, stating that an alternate assembly could have resolved the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and lifted the anti-Iran sanctions.

Report: Iran’s ex-president Rouhani,  former speaker Larijani to run in upcoming votes with joint list

Borna News, an online Iranian media outlet, says the country’s former president Hasan Rouhani and former parliament speaker Ali Larijani are going to run in the upcoming parliamentary and assembly of experts elections with a joint list.

Aide: Iran’s ex-pres. Rouhani to run for Assembly of Experts vote with 16-member list

A high-profile Iranian politician, close Hassan Rouhani, says the former Iranian president is going to run for the upcoming Assembly of Experts elections with a 16-member list.

Iran’s ex-president Rouhani: All citizens should enjoy civil rights

Iran’s former president Hassan Rouhani says all citizens should equally enjoy civil rights without any discrimination.

Former president Rouhani denies claiming credit for inauguration of airport in Kurdistan

Former Iranian president Hassan Rouhani has denied a claim by Minister of Roads Mehrdad Bazrpash that he had claimed credit for the inauguration of an airport in the northwestern city of Saqez during his tenure.

Iranian reformists meet with former president Rouhani in lead-up to parliamentary elections 

A reformist faction in Iran calling themselves Kargozaran Sazandegi have held a meeting with former Iranian president Hassan Rouhani in the run-up to the 2024 parliamentary elections.

Ex-Iranian Pres. Rouhani warns over limits on public participation in votes

Former Iranian President Hassan Rouhani expressed concerns about the limitations on people's participation in elections and the concentration of decision-making power in a few individuals during a group meeting with former ministers and vice presidents.

Former president Rouhani defends his job performance while in office

Former Iranian president Hassan Rouhani has said on X that during his presidency, Iran overtook Qatar in gas production at a joint field with the Persian Gulf country.

Former Iranian reformist chief blasts failure to revive 2015 Iran nuclear deal

The former head of the Iranian Reformist Camp has slammed what he described as failure to revive the 2015 Iran nuclear deal known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

Former Iranian president Rouhani urges IRIB to let all groups express their views

Iran’s former president Hassan Rouhani has called for what he described as “the nationalization of the Iranian national TV and Radio, known as the IRIB once”. That’s according to Rouhani’s website. 

Ex-president Rouhani: Iran’s problems cannot be solved without people’s votes

Former Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says no problem can be solved in the country if people do not come to the ballot boxes, stressing the need to build hope in the nation for a better future.

Ex-Iran President Rouhani defends his Foreign Minister Zarif during tenure

Former Iranian President Hassan Rouhani backs his Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, who has found himself in hot water over his fiery comments about the challenges he grappled with during his previous terms in office.

Former Iran president Rouhani’s complaint against Principlist politician referred to special court

The Iranian Judiciary submits a complaint filed by ex-President Hassan Rouhani against senior Principlist figure Hassan Rahimpour-Azghadi to the Special Clerical Court.

Iranian daily calls out Parliament speaker for “duplicitous behavior”

An Iranian daily has criticized Parliament Speaker Mohammad-Baqer Qalibaf for raising a hue and cry about high prices of food staples when he was running for president himself and Hassan Rouhani was president but staying quiet about the even higher prices now that he is speaker of the Parliament.

Office chief: Rouhani has no plans to join Iran’s upcoming parliamentary elections

The head of the office of ex-Iranian President Hassan Rouhani rejects media claims about a bid by the former chief executive to run in the country’s parliamentary elections slated to be held in early 2024.

Report: Former Iranian president Hassan Rouhani to play a role in parl. elections

Iran’s Tasnim News Agency says the country’s former president Hassan Rouhani plans to start an electoral campaign.

Former Iranian president urges referendum on key issues

Former Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has called for a referendum on key issues concerning governance in the country.

Former President Rouhani says preservation of Islam in Iran now hinges on restoration of republicanism

Iran’s former President Hassan Rouhani says in order to “preserve” Islam in Iran, the republican aspect of the state has to be “restored.”

Rouhani makes new revelations about key moments in his presidency

Iran’s Jamaran news website has published parts of an interview with former Iranian President Hassan Rouhani that the interviewers plan to publish as part of a book titled “With No Smoke, Fire or Blood”.

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