Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Iran ex-president Rouhani demands explanations from Guardian Council for disqualification

Iran’s former president Hassan Rouhani, in a new letter, has once again demanded the Guardian Council vetting body give ‘specific’ reasons for disqualifying him as a candidate in the recently-held parliamentary and Assembly of Experts elections.

The former president announced on his website on Sunday that he has written a fourth letter to the council, seeking to elicit ‘documented’ reasons for turning him down for the polls.

The website also added Rouhani is disgruntled that the council has not answered Rouhani’s previous letters.

The council’s spokesperson Tahan Nazif has previously said, “Our priority is to check the eligibility of those who have filed complaints. We have not yet looked into the cases of those who have not filed complaints,” implying Rouhani’s case will be reviewed, without specifying a date.

After he was banned from running, Rouhani issued a statement, saying the “ruling minority” made the people disillusioned with the elections.

Iranians went to the polls on March 1 to choose the new members for the 290-seat parliament and 88-member Assembly of Experts that elects the Leader and oversees his performance.

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