Thursday, June 13, 2024

Ex-president Rouhani: Iran’s problems cannot be solved without people’s votes

Former Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says no problem can be solved in the country if people do not come to the ballot boxes, stressing the need to build hope in the nation for a better future.

Rouhani said people should have hope that their votes will be of value and the government will respect their choice, adding, “We cannot solve any problem without the people’s votes.”

“We should all try to make people hopeful for their future. The solution to all the problems of the country is to refer to the morals of Islam and the opinions of the people. Islamic ethics and people’s votes give meaning to the Islamic Republic,” he added.

Rouhani criticized the current administration for what he described as inaction in the face of criticisms and protests voiced during months of unrest in the country last year.

“Five months have passed since the recent incidents. What did we do in these five months? Is that enough if there is no tension on the streets or the people are quiet? A suitable and correct approach to solving the root cause of the problems…will eliminate the possibility of such incidents happening again,” he added.

“The goal is for people to be satisfied, we should look for a solution and invite people and experts to give their opinions,” Rouhani said, criticizing the state TV for what he described as giving voice to a certain political group.

They should nationalize radio and television at least once for two or three years and invite all groups and factions to express their opinions,” the ex-president said.

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