Ex-Iranian Pres. Rouhani warns over limits on public participation in votes

Former Iranian President Hassan Rouhani expressed concerns about the limitations on people's participation in elections and the concentration of decision-making power in a few individuals during a group meeting with former ministers and vice presidents.

He criticized the new law that restricts the space for public engagement in the electoral process, stating that decision-making for 85 million Iranians has been entrusted to only a small number of people whose public votes are limited to a few hundred thousand ones.

Rouhani also highlighted the detrimental impact of depriving universities of prominent professors, describing it as cruelty to both science and the country.

He was referring to the dismissal of a number of university professors and academics in the country.

He emphasized that the disappointment of academics is not in the best interest of Iran’s system and urged for actions to address this issue.

Furthermore, Rouhani expressed his frustration over the delay in revitalizing the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), commonly known as the Iran nuclear deal.

He stated that due to this delay, Iran has missed out on approximately $100 billion in oil revenue.

The former Iranian president questioned whether it would be possible to postpone the upcoming election by a few months, suggesting that more time could allow for necessary reforms and improvements to ensure a fair and inclusive electoral process.

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