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Iran Parliament

Iranian daily questions efficiency of electoral system in Iran

The electoral system in Iran is neither similar to the parliamentary democracy in other countries, nor can it lead to the emergence of the most deserved or popular candidates, an Iranian daily argues.

State news agency puts Iran elections turnout at 41 percent

Over 25 million people took part in Friday’s parliamentary and Assembly of Experts elections in Iran, which amounts to 41 percent of the total eligible votes, IRNA news agency reported.

Official: Women constitute 47 percent of voters in Iran elections

Spokesperson for Iran’s elections headquarters says women constitute 47 of voters in the country’s parliamentary and the Assembly of Experts Elections, while the remaining 53 percent are men.

President Raisi hails Iranian nations as real victor of elections

President Ebrahim Raisi lauded the Iranian nation as the winner of the elections, which he described as a manifestation of national unity.

Polls open across Iran in parliamentary, Assembly of Experts elections

Polls have opened across Iran in the country’s legislative and Assembly of Experts elections.

Countdown beings for voting in Iran as campaigning ends

Campaigning officially ended on Thursday in Iran as the clock is ticking down for parliamentary and Assembly of Experts polls.

Iran Leader calls for high turnout in Friday elections

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has stated that if the nation shows the world that they are present in "decisive scenes", they will save the country and contribute to Iran’s progress. The Leader called for a high turnout in this Friday elections.

Report: 15,220 qualified to run for Iran’s March elections

Iran's Tasnim news agency says the final number of candidates running for the upcoming elections in the country reaches 15,220.

Cyber attacks disrupt Iranian parliament’s websites

In a morning announcement, the Iranian Parliament revealed that both the official website of the Islamic Consultative Assembly and its affiliated news agency, House of Nation, have been rendered inaccessible due to cyberattacks and hacking.

Iranian parliament’s news website down after cyberattack

The Iranian Consultative Assembly News Agency, affiliated with the country’s parliament, was hacked on Tuesday and is not accessible.

Iran reformists: Boycotting elections would debilitate society

Over a hundred reformist activists, intellectuals and media personalities in Iran have released a statement, warning that banning the upcoming parliamentary elections will make the society weaker.

Iran’s interior minister: Over 14,000 candidates qualified for par’l election

The Iranian interior minister says with the approval of the qualification of over 14,000 candidates by the Guardian Council for next month’s legislative polls, the grounds are set for ‘good competitions.’

Spokesman: Iran’s oversight body approves 750 candidates for parliamentary elections

In a recent announcement, the spokesman of the Iranian Guardian Council revealed that more than 750 candidates for the upcoming parliamentary elections have been vetted and approved.

Poll: Only 15% of Tehran residents will go to polls in Iran’s upcoming elections, 30% nationwide

An opinion poll conducted by a government agency shows that the turnout in the upcoming general elections in the capital city of Tehran will be 15 percent, while the turnout in Tehran province will be 22 percent.

Iranian paper raps oversight body for disqualifying parliamentary hopefuls

A Tehran-based Iranian newspaper has urged the Guardian Council, an oversight body examining the credentials of electoral hopefuls, to present convincing explanation to the public for disqualifying nominees for the upcoming legislative elections.

Iran vetting body approves over 1,000 candidates for parliamentary votes

The Guardian Council of the Islamic Republic of Iran, a body tasked with vetting election candidates and overseeing the votes, has finally qualified over 1,000 candidates who were initially deemed unqualified for the upcoming parliamentary elections.

Ex-Pres. Rouhani challenges Iranian parliament’s efficacy, elections disqualifications

Former Iranian President Hassan Rouhani criticized the current Iranian parliament, stating that an alternate assembly could have resolved the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and lifted the anti-Iran sanctions.

Report: Iran’s ex-president Rouhani,  former speaker Larijani to run in upcoming votes with joint list

Borna News, an online Iranian media outlet, says the country’s former president Hasan Rouhani and former parliament speaker Ali Larijani are going to run in the upcoming parliamentary and assembly of experts elections with a joint list.

Iranian lawmaker slams parl. for handling of $3bn+ fraud case 

An Iranian lawmaker has criticized the parliament for its handling of the Debsh Tea fraud case, involving billions of dollars, saying it is not tough on the issue.

Politician censures barring MPs from next year’s election

An Iranian politician and journalist has harshly criticized the recent move by the Guardian Council to bar a few lawmakers from filing for candidacy in the next year’s parliamentarian elections.

Iranian MP under fire for ‘detestable’ behavior before teachers

An Iranian member of parliament has been the target of sharp rebukes for his ‘arrogant’ behavior in a meeting with some teachers who were complaining about their living and work conditions.

Ex-Iranian Pres. Rouhani warns over limits on public participation in votes

Former Iranian President Hassan Rouhani expressed concerns about the limitations on people's participation in elections and the concentration of decision-making power in a few individuals during a group meeting with former ministers and vice presidents.

Iranian MP: 300 SUVs given to lawmakers in ‘criminal, fraudulent’ move

After several months, an Iranian parliamentarian still insists that some lawmakers at Iran’s parliament has received luxury SUVs in a ‘criminal and fraudulent’ process outside the legal framework, but has revised the number of the cars received from about 70 to 300.

Opponents, proponents wrangle over participation in Iran election

A recent call by Faezeh Hashemi, the jailed daughter of a former Iranian president, on people not to vote in upcoming parliamentary elections as a show of defiance has caused controversy.

Nearly 50k pre-register for Iran’s parliament vote

The spokesperson of the Election Headquarters, affiliated with the Iranian Interior Ministry, says 13,234 more people uploaded their documents to sign up for the upcoming parliamentary election in Iran on Sunday.

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